AFTERWARD: The Top Five Silver Linings of 2016

3. Donald Trump Elected President


OK, some people think this is a great thing, no doubt, but for those who don’t, they are finally “woke” to the incredible powers that have accrued to the executive branch over the past twelve years, but particularly during Obama’s term as president.

Those who loved it when Obama said, “I’ve got a pen and I’ve got a phone,” surely realize that Donald Trump also has a pen and also has a phone. (Someone, please! Please take it away! At least delete his Twitter app!)

Congress has abdicated much of its constitutional authority, especially over foreign policy and war, to the executive branch. Obama has acted cavalierly in his drone assassination program and destabilization and regime change efforts. Attempts by Congress to provide oversight have been ridiculed by Obama’s minions as witch hunts, as they seemingly do not understand Congress’s role in checking the power of presidential authority.

More than that, Obama has used the executive branch to set labor policies, healthcare policies and to execute schemes like Fast and Furious.

Our president is not supposed to be a monarch. The silver lining here—even if you are a never-Trumper—is that some of this excess power is likely to be clawed back. We know that had Hillary Clinton won this election, executive powers would continue to grow, and we now should see strong support for restoring the balance of equal, separate powers.

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