Advantages of Online Animation Schools

Today, the animation is a dream profession for many. Aspiring artists may spend years in art colleges pursuing degrees in a conventional way. If you think this is the best educational path, you are yet to discover the benefits of Internet-assisted learning.

Today, top artists share their knowledge through the Internet. A famous animation school online offers a wealth of courses. Design gurus from across the world collaborate to produce well-structured and engaging programs. But how do these compare with attending an art school? Here are five crucial aspects.

1.   It Is Cheaper

In the US, an art school or college may cost you between 20,000 and 40,000 dollars annually. Unless you are a Rockefeller, this surely looks like a big decision. It could even get you into debt. What makes it even less attractive is that value for money is questionable. If art schools were the only option, many of the pros we know today would have never started learning.

On average, online schools charge incomparably less. Even the priciest Internet-based course will cost a few hundred dollars. If you sign up for a certification program, your expenses may grow to a few thousand. Still, this is much more affordable than conventional programs.

2.   Test the Waters

An art school will not only cost a lot – this money may be wasted. What if you discover that motion design is not your ultimate dream? Would you prefer to realize it after spending countless hours and thousands of dollars? An online course is a great way to see if the job meets your expectations. It is an opportunity to conduct preliminary research before pursuing a degree.

3.   Work and Study at the Same Time

Online courses are flexible in terms of schedule. There are no semesters to wait for. You could be working at a full-time job and study motion design in your spare time – for instance, on weekends. There is no need to give up your current occupation until you are perfectly sure that animation design suits you. You can even study at lunch breaks.

4.   Combine Different Programs

It is possible to take several online courses at once. An art school will expect you to stick to a single curriculum. Moreover, it may have subjects you find useless. For instance, some animation courses include programming languages, which rarely come in handy. Focus on the most useful aspects. Some online lessons may be skipped altogether.

5.   Structured Material

You could think that YouTube tutorials would suffice. After all, when there is so much content available, why buy any course at all? However, the lack of structure will soon become obvious. Unstructured knowledge in any field is unlikely to remain in your memory long.  Online courses taught by real pros are worth every penny.

Overall, online schools present a more affordable and flexible way to learn. Pick and mix Internet courses as you like. They give you the absolute freedom to define your learning path.