Why Podcasts Are So Popular: 7 Key Reasons

With 32% of Americans listening to podcasts every month, you might be asking, “Why do people listen to podcasts?”

There are a few reasons why people listen to podcasts. Learn more about why podcasts are great and growing in popularity.

1. Inspiration

Why listen to podcasts when there are books or television or the Internet for endless inspiration? Well, podcasts offer a focused lens to help lift creative blocks. There are inspiring podcasts for all creative types, from musicians to poets to authors to painters, dancers, and more.

2. Education

One of the many reasons why podcasts are great to listen to is the vast array of information available to listeners. You can listen to podcasts on mathematics, history, religion, all the fields of science, true crime, and so much more. The podcasts we listen to help form our minds with more than a textbook perspective.

3. Information

While podcasts are great for education, they make for the great coverage of current events. If you’re wondering when to listen to podcasts, coverage of politics, ongoing conflicts, and more are opportunities to learn about multiple angles of global goings-on. The Jordan Harbinger Show is one prime example of why podcasts are great for their informative, well-rounded nature.

4. Wellness

Podcasts are also good for learning about health and wellness. If you’re considering reflective pieces on the impact of a new diet or exercise routine, there are podcasts that review these. Of course, there are also podcasts that cover the importance of mental health, too.

5. Motivation

Another reason why podcasts are great is their ability to motivate. Popular podcasts feature interviews with personalities and experts in unusual settings. Instead of formulaic, structured interviews, podcasts allow interviewees the opportunity to break out of their expected roles and motivate listeners in unexpected ways.

6. Entertainment

Podcasts also make for fantastic forms of entertainment. Instead of binging hours of mindless television, give listening to podcasts a try. You might learn something new, or find a whole new genre of entertainment like a true-crime show to fill your free time and learn odd, intriguing facts about real events.

7. Variation

Whether you need inspiration, motivation, information, or any of the other reasons why podcasts are great, variation sits above all. Podcasts give listeners options for more than entertainment. Instead of mindlessly listening to the same pop songs or classic hits on the radio, you can tune into a whole new world of possibility.

Podcasts are great for whenever you’re on the move or need to keep up with a radio show but don’t have access to a computer or old school stereo.

Why Podcasts Are Great for Anyone

With podcasts growing in popularity and with less censorship than aired radio shows, they serve as vital platforms of information for the future. Why podcasts are great for anyone comes from as many reasons as there are genres and subgenres of podcasts to listen to. Ultimately, when people want or need to know the truth, podcasts are a great option.

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