A Guide On Picking Eyewear For Round Faces

Your outfit choices determine a lot about the way people around you choose to interact with you. There are several ways you can style yourself every day. While picking an outfit is somewhat easier, choosing the right accessories to truly complete your look can be a bit more tricky.

One of the most important accessories you can pick today to improve your style is a good pair of glasses. There are a plethora of options to choose from but there are also several key factors you need to keep in mind while buying glasses online that suit you the best. Here is a list of the best picks for you if you have a round face shape. 

The retro square-shaped glasses

A round-shaped face’s best choice would be something that would bring more definition to their face. Square-shaped glasses that do not soften their edges might just be your best pick. These glasses are designed in a way that focuses attention on your natural features.

Even if they were not considered the most fashionable choice in the early to late 2000s, they have made a strong comeback to the features of modern fashion magazines. These glasses give you a sleek yet trendy look and compliment your face shape well.

The hipster glasses

These glasses are very commonly recognized for their thick frames and geometric design. The frame is thick and well structured especially around the brow line that gives great definition to a round face shape. 

This gives an idea of a silhouette that enhances the natural bone structure of the round-shaped face and gives it the much-needed definition. These glasses are very trendy and will give your outfit a very modern but laid-back essence.

The cat-eye glasses

The cat-eye glasses never seem to go out of style. These are a great pick for you if you have a round face shape because of their design. The cat-eyes give your face the required definition without overdoing the hard edges. 

These glasses are especially good for those that want their look to seem fashionable yet very classy. The cat-eyes are the perfect playful pick for those that want an evergreen look and an accessory that works well with all types of outfits. 

Aviator-style glasses

At first, it may seem like the somewhat softer edges of the aviator glasses compared to those of rectangular or square glasses for round face shape well. However, the rounded edges are well complemented by the frame design of aviator-style glasses. 

A round face is further defined by the silhouette of the frame of the aviator-style glasses. It is important to note that while all the aviator glasses are probably not the perfect fit for you specifically, they are generally considered to be one of the most complimentary eyewear shapes for a round-shaped face. 

Oversized D-frame glasses

Another type of eyewear shape that suits well on round-shaped faces is the oversized D-frame eyewear shape. These are probably the most fashion-forward glasses you can get today due to their rise in popularity among some high-end fashion brands.

The oversized frames give your face more definition, especially around your cheekbones, to give you a slimmer and structured silhouette on your face.  Not only that, but they also complement various looks you might want to add to your style well by giving you a sleeker and trendier aesthetic.


While there are many ideas like these you can take inspiration from while choosing anything in your wardrobe, it is essential to remember that nothing is more important than your preference of fashion. All guides in the world can not guarantee your confidence like your comfort can while wearing an outfit.

Also, many other factors can impact the way your style is defined beyond just the outfit that you choose to wear every day. Guides like ours are a mere baseline you can use to help point you towards a fundamental understanding of the science of fashion. 

There are innumerable things you can do to improve your style to make it seem more fashionable, but it is the idea of mixing those things that makes “creating a look” a rather difficult process for some. However, once you have a general guideline and idea of where to begin, it becomes much easier for things to flow naturally.



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