7 Daily Habits That Are Harming Our Planet


1. Using Cars for Short Commutes

Most of us might not be aware of the increasing air pollution with prolonged use of cars and vehicles. Car engines emit harmful toxins and gases that can add up to the environmental pollution and can degrade the health of our planet. If you can, try to walk to the place instead of pulling out your car for short distance trips. It will not only help you to stay active and healthy but also you will contribute towards saving the environment.

2. Not Turning Off Unnecessary Lights

We are all guilty of leaving the lights in our rooms. Leaving the lights on wastes a lot of energy. You can save a lot of energy and the environment if you are mindful of turning the lights off when leaving the room. It does not only decreases useless consumption of energy but it will be helpful for the Earth.

3. Not Using Water Mindfully

Water misuse is also a burning issue of the changing and depleting health of the environment and the Earth. Think about all the times you left a tap running idle while brushing your teeth, or wasting gallons of water after taking a bath almost every day. Water is slowly depleting and it is affecting the environment. Your mindfulness about using water carefully is a great step towards saving the Earth.

4. Using Plastic

Plastic is non-biodegradable. Once you discard something made of plastic, it doesn’t dissolve in anything. It is a huge harm to marine life and it is disturbing the natural order of the marine animals. What you can try to do is reduce the huge amount of plastic you use in your daily life as recommended by junk removal and environment expert. Whether that be plastic straws, disposable cups, polythene bags; reduced use of such non-biodegradable items will help the environment in many ways.

5. Wasting Food

This is a very serious problem. You don’t realize how much food is going to waste by throwing it. The amount of food going to waste is enough to feed a starving family in the third world countries, pointed out by a junk removal service. So, next time, try to be conscious of the amount of food you can eat and try not to waste food.

6. Excessive Use of Paper

Paper is derived from trees. A huge number of trees are cut down almost every day to manufacture paper. Cutting down trees means that you are contributing to deforestation and it is causing oxygen levels in the atmosphere to alter. You can save the environment by cutting down the use of paper, tissues and other paper related articles to save the environment from deforestation. Also, you can contact eco-friendly junk removal company for paper removal so that it is recycled properly.

7. Using Electricity for Everything

You might not be aware that doing certain tasks using electricity, such as boiling water on the kettle or using the toaster, is wasting a lot of electricity, though these things can easily be done by hand or on stove. This electricity is enough to power up a house, which you are mindlessly using in these mundane tasks. So try to eliminate excessive use of electricity in your everyday life.


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