6 Ways A Buckwheat Hulls Pillow Can Improve Your Rest Routine

Many people complain about feeling tired even after a full night’s sleep and wonder what causes it. There may be several factors that can cause sleep disruption or deprivation. Having a poor sleep schedule, unhealthy habits, elevated stress, and sleep disorders can prevent a person from feeling well-rested and rejuvenated even after lying in bed for hours. 

However, at times sleep quality may also be influenced by environmental factors, such as the temperature of the bedroom, noise and distractions, and even the quality of the beddings and pillows. Though a pillow may seem an unlikely culprit, it can also affect a person’s rest routine. If you want to find out if your pillow is preventing you from having a restful and relaxing sleep, here are some signs to look for: 

  • The Pillow Is Outdated: Many experts suggest replacing pillows every one to two years. This is to ensure that the pillows are still in top form and quality, as a person’s body weight can eventually wear a pillow out and flatten it in some parts. In this case, it may be helpful to check if your pillow is still in good shape with enough loft to sufficiently support your body weight.   
  • The Pillow Is Either Too Soft or Too Firm: The feel of your pillow is important because it can determine how comfortable you’ll be and how rested you’ll feel overnight. The right firmness depends on your usual sleeping position, your body weight, and where you commonly experience discomfort after waking up. For example, if your pillow is too soft, it may not be able to support the weight of your neck and head. In this case, you may experience pain and discomfort which could prevent you from sleeping well.   
  • The Pillow Is Uncomfortable: There are a few things that can make a pillow inconducive to quality rest. Some of which are unpleasant odors, accumulated moisture and dirt, poor texture, etc. Some pillows trap heat or flatten quickly which can be uncomfortable to use as well. Though they may seem to be small details, these factors can still cause sleep disruption. 

Considering these things, the importance of having a top-quality pillow in having a good night’s sleep can’t be overlooked.  

Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of the importance of sleep quality in caring for their health and well-being. The heightened public awareness increased the demand for pillows that are expertly designed to promote quality sleep. Pillow manufacturers also explored other options when it comes to the materials they use. For instance, organic materials are becoming a popular choice when it comes to pillow stuffing.

Buckwheat hull is one example of organic stuffing material. Buckwheat is a kind of grain used in making tea, flour, and noodles. The hulls are the outer shells that remain when the edible part of the grain is removed. These strong shells are usually heat-treated to repel insects and are used for pillow filling.  

A Buckwheat Hulls Pillow is also called Sobakawa in Japan. This pillow has a springy but firm texture that provides contouring support to allow proper alignment for the head and neck. The hulls have a firmness that can support weight, making them an ideal filling material for pillows and upholstery. To know more about buckwheat hulls pillows here’s a video you can watch:

Moreover, here are some of the ways using a buckwheat hulls pillow can give you and your family the quality rest you need.   

  • Improves Air Circulation   

Buckwheat hulls are naturally resistant to heat and pressure. Compared to a regular pillow, they don’t trap heat with use. Therefore, there’s no need to turn them over from time to time to find a cooler surface. These tiny hulls make the pillow breathable because they don’t stick to each other and block the airflow, thus promoting more circulation. This pillow’s breathability feature makes it ideal for hot and humid weather, providing a more comfortable sleeping experience. 

Apart from its breathability, buckwheat hulls pillows can also improve air circulation as you sleep through the fresh and relaxing scents added to some of its variants. For instance, a Lavender Pillow combines buckwheat hull filling with lavender buds. This flower is widely used to ease anxiety because of its calming properties.  So, having its distinct fragrance coming off your pillow may help you relax and fall asleep with ease.   

  •  Provides Extra Comfort  

Regular pillows sometimes lack the flexibility needed to provide comfort based on a person’s unique needs. For instance, a sleeper may have varying preferences when it comes to the loft of their pillows from one night to the next. Though adjusting the thickness may not always be possible in other pillow fillings, it can be done with buckwheat hulls pillows. You can open the pillow and add or remove fillings as needed to achieve the loft you desire. 

They also allow more comfort and alignment to the body while lying down. The hulls can realign inside the pillow to conform to the shape of your head and shoulders as you lie down. This allows your body to be well-aligned which could prevent bodily pains, sleeplessness, and may even help reduce snoring.

One way a person can alleviate snoring is by using a firm pillow that can lift the upper body to minimize airway compression. However, the head may be pushed too far forward if the pillow is too thick or too firm, which can cause discomfort as well. Commonly, people suffering from this problem choose to purchase a specialized pillow as it’s usually the most affordable and convenient solution. In this case, a buckwheat hulls pillow may be able to provide the firmness and flexibility needed for a comfortable relaxing sleep. 

  • Gives Adequate Support  

When it comes to providing support for various sleeping positions, having a top-quality bed and mattress can contribute to the overall comfort and sleep experience. In this regard, the type of pillow should also be considered. This can provide additional support for particular areas of the body based on the sleeping posture.  

For example, side-sleepers usually suffer from back and shoulder pains as this sleeping position places concentrated pressure on those points. When a person is lying sideways and the pillow is too high, the neck is extended and bent forward which causes pain on the neck and the shoulders. 

Given these scenarios, a buckwheat body pillow makes a great option for side sleepers as it can adjust according to the body shape and posture and provide support where needed. This also applies to back-sleepers as buckwheat hulls can adjust to support the head and fill the space under the neck.   

Stomach sleepers experience more pain because of the unnatural body alignment the position creates. Commonly, they complain about their back, neck, and shoulders. In this case, using a buckwheat pillow with less hull filling can provide relief, as a thinner pillow will allow a more neutral alignment for the body. The thickness can be adjusted by adding or removing hulls from the inside.   

  • Is Low-Maintenance 

Many pillows require regular washing, dry-cleaning, fluffing, and other forms of maintenance. Organic buckwheat pillows, on the other hand, don’t require professional cleaning. You can wash the pillow casings in a washing machine, while the pillow itself can be aired out and sun-dried to remove the moisture accumulated from regular use. Additionally, if the hulls get wet or damaged for any reason, you won’t need to replace the entire pillow as you can simply replace the hulls instead.  

Buckwheat hull pillows could be the most affordable organic pillow you can have. They’re durable and can last for several years if given proper care. They don’t need expensive cleaning and upkeep as well, making them a cost-effective purchase. 

  •  Is Odor-Free  

Some pillows made with synthetic materials emit a chemical odor, also known as ‘off gassing’. This can be observed especially with brand-new pillows. At times, the gasses emitted give off a strong, unpleasant odor. Some people may be quite sensitive to these odors and may experience nausea, dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, or even asthmatic reactions in extreme cases. 

Organic materials, on the other hand, are often odorless or naturally scented. For instance, the buckwheat hulls pillow has a natural earthy smell which has been described as aromatic and pleasant, providing a calming effect to the user. Though there may be a strong smell upon opening due to mechanical storage processes, it usually airs out and fades away easily.  

At times, the smell may even go unnoticed especially if the hulls have been heat-treated before manufacturing. As compared to synthetic pillows, the scent of buckwheat pillows is much lighter and non-irritating. Moreover, scent-sensitive users can opt for scented pillows with natural fragrances as there are also variants with essential oils added.   

As with regular pillows, the covers of your organic pillow can also collect dirt and moisture which can emit unpleasant odors. This is because the human body regularly sheds hair, dead skin, and bodily fluids that can be absorbed by pillowcases. Eventually, these materials will build up and make the pillow smell bad. You can prevent this by washing the pillow covers regularly. Experts advise washing the pillow covers every three to four weeks.  

  • By Repelling Allergens And Dust Mites

Pillows can trigger allergies, as they can collect allergens and dust mites. Though pillows are ideally replaced every one to two years, those who are sensitive to allergens or suffer from breathing problems may need to get new pillows every six months. 

Studies have shown that many people continue to use pillows even if they are worn-out or untidy. Due to prolonged use and irregular cleaning, the pillows end up collecting large amounts of dust mites and other allergens that may irritate people with allergens. If you or your loved ones suffer from allergies, experts recommend that you use allergen-repellent pillow covers that protect from dust mites as well. You’ll also need to regularly wash and disinfect your pillows using hot water and detergent.  

On the other hand, a buckwheat hulls pillow naturally repels dust mites and allergens. The pillow’s breathability makes it difficult for small particles to accumulate on its surface. Additionally, the hulls undergo a heat-treatment process before they are used as pillow stuffing. This makes them undesirable to insects and prevents them from attracting bugs.  

However, some people who are extra sensitive to certain plants may need to consult a doctor before using this organic pillow. Despite few reports of buckwheat allergies, it may still be advisable to take precautions to ensure safe usage. 


Using a buckwheat hulls pillow truly offers numerous advantages. In general, this organic pillow doesn’t have many downsides worthy of noting. Although, it’s possible to come across some pieces with inferior quality. You can avoid this situation by doing your research about a brand and its products before making a purchase. 

You may also want to consider a few factors before investing in an organic pillow. Some buckwheat hulls pillows have unconventional designs which may not match your style. They’re also commonly sold online which can be a drawback if you prefer visiting a physical store to handpick and inspect items before buying. Some may also hesitate from buying online because of shipping costs and turnaround time for deliveries.    

Another factor to consider is your noise sensitivity, especially around bedtime. Since the hulls are firm particles that constantly shuffle around and rub against each other inside the pillow, they may create slight crunching and rustling noises. However, the sound will not be too loud or bothersome. You may also find it easy to get used to with constant use, but it can be a little distracting until then especially if you toss or turn while lying down.  

Having quality sleep is essential to a person’s overall health and well-being. This is why it’s important to pay attention to small details that can greatly affect the quality of your sleep. With this in mind, investing in a top-quality pillow that would best match your sleeping needs and provide you with the best comfort you can have might be the solution you need. 



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