5 White Kids Cops Killed Who You Probably Heard Nothing About

2.) Dion Damon

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Denver police shot 40-year-old Dion Damon, a robbery suspect, as they tried to serve him with an arrest warrant.

Police found a car that was linked to Damon and they began surveillance of it. During their surveillance, officers saw a woman and child get into the car with Damon.

Officers followed the vehicle until it finally parked, making sure the woman and child exited the vehicle before approaching the car. Officers surrounded the vehicle and allege that Damon tried to back up the car.

Police say that Damon refused multiple requests to come out of the car; an officer who was standing in front of Damon’s car shot Damon after claiming to see him make a “threatening-type maneuver.” He believed Damon carried a gun and fired seven shots at Damon.

Damon was pronounced dead at the scene.

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