5 Times Queen Hillary Acted Like a Total Diva

By: Laura Meyers

Hillary Clinton is the kind of person that walks into a bar, asks for the gluten-free menu and orders sparkling water in a chilled glass with thirteen pieces of crushed ice. Here are 5 of the diva’s most demanding moments:

1. University speaking fees


Mrs. Clinton’s speaking contracts have been under harsh scrutiny recently… and for good reason. One reason in particular is the amount Miss Hillary charges to speak at a University- averaging anywhere between $250,000-300,000, because, you know, she’s “dead broke.”

A UCLA representative asked Clinton’s people if they could receive a discounted rate since for a speech, since they’re a taxpayer-funded public educational institution and were told “this is the special rate” at $300,000.

She must also have final approval over the venue’s “sets, backdrops, banners, scenery, logos, settings, etc”, and the topic and length of her address are at her “sole discretion” says a contact from a speaking event at Buffalo University.

There’s more.

Additionally, she required that the university provide her with “presidential glass panel teleprompter and a qualified operator,” and her hosts must pay an additional $1,000 to have a trained stenographer on hand to transcribe the speech as she delivers it so that she could have the speech verbatim scribed for her personal records, but the university isn’t allowed a copy. And the press could attend the speech, but not the reception before it.

She’s so down-to-earth.

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