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Joe Biden Picked To Be Clinton’s Secretary of State, Politico Reports

Joe Biden Could Be Secretary of State If Hillary Wins

By Darnyell Wint

In a Politico report, “Joe Biden is at the top of the internal short list Hillary Clinton’s transition team is preparing for her pick to be Secretary of State.”

This is according to a source familiar with planning for Clinton’s transition team. Biden is the only name at the top of the list for Secretary of State. It would make sense since Biden’s tenure as Vice President is coming to an end and he shares similar foreign policy experience as Clinton.

Biden has not been told yet by Clinton or her aides, but this would be a high buzz Cabinet pick. The source tells Politico that “they’re strategizing about how to make the approach to the Vice President.”

Biden’s career in D.C is coming to about 44 years. In the recent weeks prior to the election, Biden has focused his time on campaigning for Clinton.

For this reason, Politico’s source says that “they [Clinton’s team] are spending a lot of time figuring out the best way to try to persuade him to do it if she wins.”

Many had thought the Vice President would be wary of politics after losing his son Beau Biden a year ago and rejecting suggestions to run for President, but Biden’s energized involvement in campaigning for Hillary has suggested otherwise.

It also appears that Hillary isn’t going to put her husband, Bill Clinton, at the top of her cabinet. On the other hand, Donald Trump has stated his intention of appointing his children to Cabinet positions.

This new development in the Clinton campaign has not made headline news yet, but Hillary could sure use a distraction from the media, as FBI Director, James Comey, announces that the FBI will reopen the investigation into Clinton’s email servers.

It also might provide some enthusiasm for Hillary supporters if Biden accepts the position, as Clinton has been described as one of the presidential candidates with the least enthusiasm behind her in the history of American elections.

If Biden is picked to be Clinton’s Secretary of State, he clearly seems up to the job as of now, as he travels across the country campaigning for Hillary. However, it’s not certain that he could handle four more years of foreign travel as Secretary of State.

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