5 sports betting tips for beginners

Sports betting around the US has come a long way in recent times and this is down to the historic 2018 US Supreme Court decision on PASPA. Since this ruling was made, many US states have legalized wagering on sports and the country’s sports betting market has blossomed. It was estimated, for example, that this market in the US was worth around $3.7bn in 2021 and this figure will only have grown since. 

As a result, the level of interest in placing a bet on top sports like football, hockey, basketball or baseball has never been higher. Before signing up with a reputable sportsbook online and starting betting, though, it pays for beginners to know what they are doing.

But if you need more time to think then what are five of the best tips to help? 

Shop around for best odds 

One really great tip that is useful for anyone who wants to get into sports betting is always taking the time to find the best odds available. This is not just true for US bettors either – it is a piece of advice that works well in other sports betting territories. 

Denmark is a good example and is itself a country with a keen interest in gambling on sports. Finding the best odds is something that knowledgeable Danish bettors will do before putting any cash down – but why is this such a great tip to know about? 

The main reason you should always shop around for top betting lines is that you get the best potential return on any bet you make. This can build up over time and makes a big difference to your overall returns. 

Research your bets 

Taking a little time to research both your bets and these UK online bookies listed here (or amending this search to wherever it is you are located) before making them gives you a better chance of winning. Common factors to review include team news, head-to-head records, recent form, home field advantage and weather conditions.

Just as any keen libertarian should brush up on the top quotes from Abraham Lincoln around the subject, those looking to dive into sports betting should first find out more about it. 

Another great piece of advice is always looking into any wagers you plan to make before putting your cash down. If you do not do this, you are effectively leaving any outcome to pure chance. 

Taking a little time to research your bets before making them gives you a better chance of winning. Common factors to review include team news, head-to-head records, recent form, home field advantage and weather conditions. 

Bet on what you know

As a beginner, when you start to look at sports betting, you realize that most sportsbooks online have a vast choice of things to wager on, which includes the most popular sports from around the world. This may often be those you do not care much for or do not pay a lot of attention to. It will also include sports you have been keeping a close eye on for years. 

One of the best tips therefore is to stick to betting on sports you know – at least until you gain some more experience. This gives you an edge to begin with and makes it easier to gauge which bets might be worth taking on. It also means you know how the sport works and who the big teams and players are. 

Start with moneyline bets before progressing 

If you are a total newcomer to betting on sports, there will also be a vast choice of markets you could bet on at all the top sportsbooks. This could be anything from props bets to parlays and live betting. While these are all worth diving into once more experienced, beginners are perhaps best advised to stick to basic moneyline bets. 

As these are simple bets on one side or athlete to win, they allow you to ease into gambling on sports and avoid becoming overly confused as you go. Moneyline bets also enable you to get used to how odds and betting lines work. 

Gamble responsibly 

Any decent sports betting guide for beginners should include a section on responsible gambling. It is key to always keep betting on sports fun. If you ever start to feel anxious, you should take a break until you feel better.

In addition, it is essential to only gamble with money you don’t need for other things, and with cash you can afford to lose. If you also make use of the responsible gambling tools all the best sportsbooks carry, you will stay safe when betting.

Tips for sports betting beginners 

The popularity of sports betting in general combined with the legalization of this activity in multiple US states means that it is something lots of people are starting to try out. If you fancy giving it a go, the key is to know what you are doing first and to always keep it fun. With this in mind, our tips here for sports betting newcomers are the ideal starting point. 

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