5 Human Rights Causes to Support Today

Human Right is a much-talked topic today but how much it is being executed, nobody knows. It was in the year 2006 when the Human Rights Council came into existence to take care of the human rights of the people across the world. Since then there have been different campaigns run to support different human rights causes. 

There have also been a number of donation campaigns run in order to help those who are in need and are denied different human rights. Though the council has been continuously working towards building a better world, it still requires the support of different people across the world. 

Here are as many as 5 human rights causes that you can support. 

Women Empowerment

One of the most talked topics about women empowerment has a mixed situation today. In some part of the world, there are women who have actually gained empowerment in their hands while there are other corners where women are still looked down as an object. The social workers still are working hard to make women stronger so that they can fight for their rights. There are several countries today such as India where still female fetuses are killed in the womb as the family wishes to have a son in comparison to a daughter. It is still needed to provide proper education to people and also to punish the offenders to provide actual empowerment to the women in the society. 


This is a major concern that is noticed in different parts of the world. In places such as the US, the blacks are still looked down on while in a country such as India, the caste system still is breaking down the backbone of the democracy of the country. Due to such inequality, these people are denied good life at times. 

It is not that people have not changed. There are different occasions when it has been noticed how such denied races are reaching out to the best positions such as Barrack Obama in America. But still, a lot has to be done to uplift the rest and to educate and brainwash the ones who are actually responsible for ill-treating them. 

Child Labor

As per a report released by the International Labor Organisation way back in the year 2013 that as many as 17% of the total world population is indulged in child labor. There have been different steps taken towards this situation but the world still has a long way to go. Some of the major countries that have got higher ratios of child labor in today’s date are Pakistan, China, some of the African countries, and many others. 

Mostly, children from under poverty level families are sent to work to bring in extra income to the family. In such a situation, they are actually pushed to a dangerous environment such as working in a chemical factory or construction industry. Basic rights such as education and proper lifestyle that has to be provided to a child are lost and this is a huge loss for the country too. 

Poverty and Hunger

Is a developed country such as the USA free from the curse of poverty? No, it is not. There are thousands of people who spend their nights on the road because they do not have a proper shelter to be in. These people ask for favors from other people so that they can have food to survive. 

The most affected ones are the children. A child needs proper nutrition to grow and get developed in all means. But when they are denied food, they face malnutrition and even death. There have been many social groups today who are working towards feeding these kids on a regular basis and trying to uplift the poor by providing them some kind of employment. 

Religious Persecution

Sometimes even if you are a successful person, you may have to face torment. This is because you stay at a place where your religious beliefs are dominated by the religious beliefs of the majority of that particular country. Countries like Algeria, Egypt, and many others have been a spot with higher religious persecution today. 

The number of human rights causes that need support is even more apart from these 5 mentioned right. Other human rights that you can support are the right to education, standing against trafficking, and many others. 


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