New Lockdowns and restrictions before the increase of Covid in the US

Statistically no country has suffered more from the global pandemic than the US, both in terms of the numbers contracting the virus, and sadly, from those subsequently dying as a result of it.

And whilst there has understandably been a great emphasis on the physical risks of the Covid-19 crisis, the impact on mental health should not be underestimated either, particularly among young people.

They are the least likely to catch the virus, and, conversely, the most likely to survive if they do catch it.

But they are also the most affected by the closure of schools, offices, gyms, community centres, and places of entertainment. 

No amount of Zoom calls can replicate the feeling of touching, hugging, and embracing family and friends.

And things may be about to get worse rather than better. New variants of the virus have been identified in countries like the UK, South Africa, and Denmark, which are more contagious even than the original strain.

New restrictions have been announced on social gatherings in many parts of the country, but the public attitude to new lockdowns may be wearing thin. There is a growing feeling among certain parts of the population that they just do not care anymore, with mixed messaging from local and central government not helping. 

When those in charge of handling the crisis appear to change their minds almost daily, who can be trusted anymore?

Certainly, the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries have been very badly hit, with thousands of jobs lost, and many smaller businesses forced to close their doors, often forever.

For example, those looking forward to a summer holiday this year might be advised to forget it even now. There are no guarantees that travel restrictions, either domestically or internationally, will have been lifted by then, or that moving around will not carry with it a high risk of transmission.

And even if they are able to visit their favourite resort or spot will it even be the same? In all probability many of the bars, restaurants, theatres, and entertainment venues they used to frequent, will not be there anymore, their doors locked and shuttered, closed forever.

Of course, the vaccination programmes around the world offer hope, but it will take months and, in some cases years, before it gets to everybody, and until then, how safe is it to mingle with others outside your own “bubble”?

For the foreseeable future, entertainment is likely to be centred around the home. That is great for those who liked boxed sets and Netflix, less so for those who enjoy live theatre or gigs. Sport will continue to be affected as well – matches behind closed doors or with just a handful of fans in attendance will continue to be the norm, for much of 2021.

Still, for some this is actually good news. The online casino business actually thrived in 2020, with expending customer numbers spending more money with them than ever before. They found a new audience, desperate for entertainment, but also looking for ways to alleviate the stress and boredom of lockdowns.

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