5 Keys to Get Followers in Instagram

If you have an Instagram account (which we can bet yes) you have surely asked yourself more than once how to get more followers and more likes. Obviously, there is no magic key to it, but you can follow a series of tips to improve your visibility on the social network. Especially if you are a commercial brand and you want your product to have a greater presence.

That is why different analysis companies have tried to decipher what the brand or the user must do to acquire greater relevance, as is the case of data social, an agency dedicated to planning commercial strategies so that brands have a relevant presence in the digital world. The experts of the agency have published the five keys that every user or brand of Instagram must follow. And they are these.


In order to increase the interaction between Instagram users, it is recommended to use a greater number of videos in Instagram posts. If the post is a video, the chances of interaction between your followers increase and you can also buy Instagram followers and likes. And, as we all know, the higher the number of interactions, the higher your post will be in the timeline of the users who follow you, the more likely they will like your publication. Video posts tend to receive, on average, twice as many comments as photo-only posts. And we are not just talking about the Stories, but about the ‘News’ section itself.


According to the company, it is not convenient to use more than five hashtags in each publication and you have to choose them carefully, placing only those that are directly related to the ‘product’ you are selling (remember that the ‘product’, although it sounds ugly, can be ‘yourself’). With the strategic placement of the hashtags we will be segmenting our content and making it more visible to our corresponding target. The company also recommends that the brand create its own hashtag that defines its values ​​and activity.


When we upload a publication to Instagram, we can share it with other users by tagging them on it. This movement must be done with the head and not indiscriminately, making sure to tag those users who are directly, or indirectly, referred to in the publication. Three criteria are established when tagging someone in our Facebook post:

  •         Ask users to tag a photo of you or to mention you or your company in the caption.
  •         In case of sharing content from an intellectual leader of the company, it is positive to tag it in the publication. Hopefully, he can share it and thus reach more audiences.
  •         Encourage your organization to be labeled when appropriate.


Many companies that start on Instagram require the analysis services to get more Instagram likes and followers. It is their main objective. And they could be wrong because the most interesting thing is not the number of followers but rather that they manage to form a stable, homogeneous and faithful community. It is preferable to have fewer followers if these followers are valuable. There is no use having five thousand followers or one hundred thousand followers, if they are only interested in you following them back or they never interact with you. To get quality followers who are interested in your product it could be interesting to invest in advertising.


Influential people have existed throughout all of human history. It is now when the term ‘Influencer’ has become more popular, thanks to Instagram. Influencers are nothing more than prospectors, personalities who, for one reason or another, have the ability to ‘influence’ the opinion of others and make them opt for one product or another. That is why the figure of the influencer is decisive in matters of commercial relevance and brand positioning strategy.

Within the group of influencers that can help your brand exponentially increase its presence in the market are the ‘micro influencers’, a group of users who have between 50,000 and 100,000 followers on Instagram. The community of followers of this type of personality on Instagram is usually less segmented, more compact and homogeneous than that of influencers with millions of followers … not to mention that these are usually much less accessible to any commercial relationship.

Tips on the use of Instagram

These are the five movements proposed by Social Data so that your personal or professional brand has more relevance within Instagram. If you want to have more influence and like it more, you should always keep in mind that Instagram is not going to determine what you are worth in real life’. Social networks are an ideal tool for current communication but you also have to know how to use it with your head. On Instagram we give our best face and it is usual to confuse fiction, the ‘character’ that we believe ourselves within the social network, and who we really are. It is important to have your feet on the ground and not give more importance to these things than they really have. Instagram is a place where we can take many advantages, but it must always be used sparingly and with a head.


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