3 tips for a successful live stream

Live streams are a fantastic way to communicate with your audience and they open up a wide range of possibilities. You might take live questions, conduct interviews or even cover topics not normally explored via your other media. Getting a live stream right isn’t easy, but these tips should help with your first broadcast.

#1 Find the right platform

Most social media platforms nowadays offer a live stream option. Users can go live at any time on Facebook and Instagram, and Twitter has built in similar functionality with Spaces. Being social media platforms (rather than dedicated streaming sites), the technology on offer here is necessarily limited. While you will be able to set up a rudimentary stream, there aren’t many ways to record, monetize or even market that stream. Other functionality including split screens and contributors is similarly absent. 

Instead, use dedicated live streaming software. This has inbuilt mechanisms to take your streaming to the next level including social tools, monetization options as well as ways to schedule your streams and analyze your audience. There’s lots of streaming software available but it all has one thing in common; it’s far superior to using social media’s basic, in-built tools.

#2 Invest in the right microphone

Whether you plan to stream with visuals or just audio, a quality microphone remains the most important part of your setup. No matter how wonderful your content, it’s meaningless if nobody can understand what you’re saying. You can cut streaming costs in other areas but never skimp on the microphone. Generally speaking, there are two types to choose from. Condenser microphones have that deep sonorous texture reminiscent of professional radio broadcasts. Dynamic microphones are livelier and have a more conversational tone.

Which you choose comes down to personal preference and the type of content you plan to produce. More serious topics are better suited to the gravitas of a condenser microphone. These give your stream a serious air, perfect for discussing heavy topics. If your stream is mainly entertainment based and lighthearted, though, a dynamic microphone is a better choice. The conversational tone of these microphones puts listeners at ease so they can kick back and relax as you speak.

#3 Be consistent 

As with all things based in the online world, consistency is absolutely key. Consistency is more important than volume. It’s better to promise and deliver one stream per week than to promise three, deliver but then produce just one the following week. Give your followers a schedule and then stick to it so they’ll always know exactly when you’ll be streaming and at what time. This helps to build a community and it attracts regular listeners.

Consistency is vital, but so too is letting people know exactly what your schedule is. Advertise your streams on social media and use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to alert followers to your timetable. Schedule social media reminders so that people know you’re about to take to the air. Building listener habits is key to continued success. 


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