Essential Office Supplies to Always Have in Your Office

Technology, including the use of computers and gadgets, has made the operations of various businesses more convenient. However, it still doesn’t eliminate the need for physical office supplies, which remain essential to your daily operations.

If you have a start-up business and you are still putting together the things that you need for running it, here are some of the office supplies to never forget on your list.


There are different types of paper that you need, such as bond paper for writing plans or notes, and printing documents. Other paper that you may need might be photo paper, a strong, glossy paper for creating brochures, and something high-quality for printing off literature to hand out to potential investors and important clients.


Although many processes are now done online, including filling a form, there are still instances when you require pens to fill in or sign documents manually. Moreover, not all clients may be tech-savvy, so if you want to cater to a wide range of customers, you may still want to have these options.

Aside from having pens on every staff member’s desk, put them in areas where clients need to fill in forms or sign something in order to make it more convenient for them. After all, not all customers bring their own pens with them.


Your office needs to be well-organised as it will improve everyone’s productivity. Working in a messy environment can be stressful, and it may affect the ability of employees to focus. Moreover, it won’t be easy to find things if it’s cluttered.

One way to keep things organised is to use folders. Put printed and handwritten documents in various folders, and make sure to label each so you know where to look when you need to find something. At first, it is easy to assume that you will always know where everything is, but this can get out of hand in a matter of weeks.


Like folders, envelopes can also help organise your files. Moreover, you may also use them for securing documents or files that you want to send, or need to carry with you to meetings. Since they are secured in the envelope, they will not be easily accessible to prying eyes. Also, they will keep the files in an excellent state. You don’t want to present a document to a client or business partner that looks like it was fished out from the recycling!


Although there are now notepad apps available for download on devices, there are times when you still need to write things manually. It may be that you work with (and retain) information much more effectively when writing notes by hand, or you may find it quicker to write important things that come to mind, rather than opening an app and typing.

Post-It Notes

There may be things that you need to remember for the day and post-it notes are there to the rescue. Avoid forgetting important tasks by writing them on these notes and posting them on your table or computer.

Help your business operate smoothly by ensuring that you have all these essential office supplies. Make sure to do an inventory, so you never run out of stock.



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