3 Things You Should Always Have Ready In Case Of Civil Unrest

The world we live in is rapidly changing, and that brings both challenges and opportunities. Whatever the nature of the official government, society, or the people who control it, is becoming more authoritarian. Technology is being used to monitor us like never before, and media is being used not to entertain and inform us, but to teach us how we should feel and behave. The good news is that the smart people are aware of this and we won’t simply let our liberties be curtailed. Civil unrest could come quickly, and from any source, which is why we should be prepared for all eventualities. Here are three things you should have ready right now to protect you from civil unrest or hostile government action.

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1. A Plan

You don’t have to be a full blown prepper to realise the threats facing us in today’s society and to have a plan for how to deal with it. In fact, we should all have a basic survival and action plan, and ensure that those we care for are fully onboard with it too. The basics of your plan should involve where to meet in the event of an emergency, and what each person should bring with them if they have the opportunity to do so. Remember that your meeting point should be safe, secure and ideally known to everyone else. It can make sense to have a drill every now and then, where you arrange to meet up at your designated place at a certain time – you never know when you’ll need to do it in real life.

2. Supplies

Not everyone is able to buy and store enough supplies and provisions to last them a year or two, but you should always have enough supplies to keep you going for an initial period in the event of an emergency. Have ready bottled water and a water filter, and when the bottled water goes out of date replace it with a fresh supply. Tinned and dehydrated food is also essential, as is a secure means of communication. In addition to this, you should always have a ready supply of fuel for your car or truck and of course you should always ensure that your vehicle is kept in good condition, and ready to take on any challenge.

3. Personal Protection

Even more important than all of the above is your own personal safety, as of course that also impacts on the safety of those around you. That’s why you should have your personal protection and defence plan in place, and also why you should have protective clothing. We mean protection not only against the elements but against ballistics, which is why a high quality body armor vest can be the best purchase you ever make. Look for vests sold by experts in the field such as Body Armor Direct, and ones that are certified by the National Institute of Justice. You should have vests ready for you and all your family, as you never know when they could be a life saver.

Preparing for the eventuality of civil unrest or hostile government action isn’t running scared, it’s being ready to defend your liberty and your most important rights. With ready supplies, a well practiced plan and reliable body armor you and your loved ones will be ready, whatever the future holds.

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