Custom Bathroom Sink: A Stylish Decision for Your Bathroom

Custom Bathroom Sink: A Stylish Decision for Your Bathroom

An individual bathroom sink is not just a functional element of sanitary ware. It is an independent stylish solution for your home. Vessel bowl sinks have become the number one choice for modern designers and plumbers as they are stylish-looking and easy-to-install at the same time.

What Is Vessel Bowl Sink?

A bowl sink is a type of sink that is usually installed in the bathroom. Its main difference from other types is an installation type. It is installed on the countertop, not under it.

There are two types of these sinks: top-mounted or semi-recessed. The latter is more difficult to install since it is necessary to make an accurate cut on the countertop.


Stylish look. The sink is an individual aesthetic element of bathroom furniture, which can both highlight a luxurious interior and diversify a classic one. It is a luxury bathroom sink that becomes the number one choice of the majority of modern interior designers.

Ease of installation. You can install this type of sink yourself. This does not require in-depth knowledge of plumbing. It is only necessary to make one exact cut of the countertop, which matches the size of the sink.

Expanded space. Thanks to the extraordinary type of installation, 30% more functional space is freed up on the countertop.


Aquatica is the leading bathroom ware manufacturer in the EU and other parts of the world. It uses unique awarded material Aquatex and BioSan technology that prevents the appearance of bacteria, germs, and mold. All Aquatica items are made according to the highest world quality standards.

The company offers a broad assortment of vessel bowl sinks. Select the desired product length, installation type, color, material, shape, and surface type. You can either buy a sink in stock on the website or order a custom bathroom sink. The prices range from $370 to $4,000.

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