How to successfully search for love online and avoid being scammed

For many people, finding a new love online can be considered a blessing from above. But, obviously, booming industries usually suffer from an influx of fraudsters. Unfortunately, dating on the Web with its growing number of users is no exception. Online scams in matchmaking – the modern form of marriage fraud – leaves victims who have lost not only their self-esteem but often lots of money as well. Particularly vulnerable are people who have been looking for relationships for a long time without success and guys who were rejected a while ago. If you belong to one of the mentioned above categories – you better sort your feelings out before jumping into the ocean of online dating.

The best way of dealing with scammers of this industry is to be aware of their existence and knowing how to spot such people on time. That’s what we are going to do today. Namely, we’ll list the signs of fraud you need to be informed about.

  • Take a closer look at the woman’s profile picture.

Does your new crush look a little too good in her photos? Maybe even too good to be true? It means you need to be careful with her. One of the easiest ways to attract victims is to use the personality of a gorgeous woman. So if the woman you are exchanging sweet emails with: in her 40s looks not older than 25, that’s not a good sign. Even if it is not a fraud attempt. The fact she simply uses archive photos is also disturbing. There are certain exceptions, though. Ukraine brides on are really stunning. However, the site administration checks their personalities before confirming the profiles. So, if possible, choose websites with a similar policy. 

  • Read her letters carefully.

When you meet a girl on a dating site and start chatting with her – you should pay attention to the messages she sends. Do they answer questions that you have asked? Or do they sound more like text templates that have only been copied from open sources using copy & paste? And, most significantly, does she write your name somewhere except for greeting? 

Since active love scammers want to make victims fall in love with them as soon as possible, they often use letters templates from the Internet. They hardly change a word from person to person. So if a message is a bit too general for your taste – it should warn you. Especially if it is a follow-up email that can be expected to have a certain individuality. 

  • Does your flirt partner actually exist?

To see whether your online girlfriend really exists, you can start further research on the Internet. Google your conversationalist using the information you have. It might be her name and surname, home city, job, etc. What results do you get? Do these outcomes match with what you have been told or written? If you can find her Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account – do they essentially demonstrate the same facts she said?

This part of the online research can be a little more demanding because online scammers like to use standard names. So if you chat with Mary Smith or Kate Johnson, an online query will result in a large number of potential matches. In this case, you need to narrow your search using additional findings criteria. Use the information you have been told by your flirt partner. If necessary, ask for extra facts about your lady’s life. For example, her pet name, the college where she studied, hobbies, favorite sports, interests, etc.

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