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Top 3 Real Reasons Donald Trump Won the Presidency

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by Jim Duncan

Full disclosure, I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. Regardless of how any of us voted though, the only intelligent and moral thing for all Americans to now do is come together in encouraging President Trump’s success.

As Hillary Clinton said in her concession speech, “we must have an open mind, and give him the chance to lead.”

For those still scratching their heads over what happened though, here are the three real reasons that Trump won…

1. Because “Political Correctness” Started About Equality, But Became About Control


Contrary to what many liberals are telling themselves these days, half the country is not racist. What most Donald Trump supporters are though are humans, and sick of Social Justice Warriors lumping them under a “racist” label unless they speak in perfect accordance with their progressive ideals.

Trying to end racism and bigotry is a noble thing, but once the internet empowered Social Justice Warriors to bully everyone into speaking and thinking according to their image of an secular social utopia, the far-left became exactly what they were fighting against—persecutors. Making conservatives fearful they might lose respect, relationships, or their job through a tweet-storm directed against them for simply using a word, or telling a joke that a liberal did not like created an inevitable equal and opposite reaction. Those people feeling bullied by Social Justice Warriors simply elected a bigger bully to go beat them up.

Although it may be counter-intuitive for some, the freedom to speak freely, even if it sometimes seems rude or emotionally inconsiderate, is the only way from keeping division from escalating into violence, as it serves as a safety valve. This is something our Founding Fathers understood when they ensured its protection with the First Amendment.

Which leads to a second reason why Donald Trump won…

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