Here’s How I Predicted the 2016 Political Atmosphere

by Brian Nichols

As I was reminiscing through old writings of mine from years past, I came across an article I had written that gave me goosebumps. This article was titled “Americans for Consistency.” The reasons behind said goosebumps?

I predicted the 2016 election and future of politics in 2014.


First, I believe we are going to witness a third-party take the spot of one of the leading political parties. Now, the issues that will be discussed aren’t going be something as specific as same-sex marriage, abortion, welfare, or any other major issue. Instead, the main discussion is going to be focused on the size and scale of the government in our lives. This is to say, the main decision voters will have to make is whether they want more government in their lives or less government in their lives. With such issue like same-sex marriage, abortion, the NSA spying programs, increased federal taxation, and overreaching government programs, Americans have become fundamentally divided with regards to the role of government. Because of this fundamental ideological difference, I am predicting a reshaping of the Republican Party and a further left-leaning Democratic Party. Because of the Republican Party’s often hypocritical view on personal liberties (you can have the right to own a gun, but not the right to marry who you wish?), the Republican Party will either have to adapt to focus on freedom or step aside for a political party that is willing to focus on liberty. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, has already begun its journey to the left of the political spectrum, meaning it is almost inevitably going to continue this movement. While the Democratic Party has tried to label itself the party of “choice”, its more intrusive economic and lifestyle views in the past few years (ObamaCare, NYC Big-Gulp soda ban…) have pushed the Democratic Party into the realm of more government control.

Since the Republican Party is in need of a major face-lift and public relations campaign, I believe that the Republican Party is more likely to lose control to a third-party. The Libertarian Party, which has been touted as the “Republican-ish” political party, has the advantage in conveying the message of personal liberty. With a strong belief in social and economic freedom, the Libertarian Party stands ready to jump in line if and when the Republican Party begins to lose out. Some interesting statistics are already showing that the Libertarian Party has seen an 11.4% growth in voter registration, showing their continued increasing appeal to new voters looking for a change. Furthermore, many of the young voters in the Republican Party have already voiced their dissent with the more socially conservative factions within the GOP, as they are seeking a much more consistent view in the application of personal freedoms. With movements in the moderate/young voters within the Republican Party towards “New Republicanism”, it would not be hard to imagine these voters jumping to the Libertarian Party in the event of the Republican Party’s demise. Even the current front-runner for the 2016 presidential election (Sen. Rand Paul) has libertarian leanings, showing the change in the Republican Party is already starting to take form. Because of this, it would not surprise me to witness our contemporary two party system devolve into something much more fundamental and ideological: more government control versus less government control.

Ahh, memories…  Rand Paul leading in the 2016 GOP presidential primary…

Okay, back to business.

While rereading my article, I found it interesting how a few years ago, the destruction of the two-party system was already commencing. The older generations, especially within the GOP, were dying out. Literally. In 2016, we are currently witnessing the Baby-Boomers last hurrah, as they helped nominate the epitome of the Baby-Boomer generation in Donald Trump.

But going forward, as I wrote back in 2014, it appears that this is the beginning of the end for the GOP. Either the GOP evolves, or it dies/be replaced by a third party. As I predicted, the Libertarian Party has filled the void left by the GOP with the GOP’s disenfranchised voters who cannot stomach the current GOP presidential candidate and their inability to accept new ideas and views of limited government and social acceptance. And as for the Democrats, they have openly embraced the likes of a democratic-socialist in Bernie Sanders, as I predicted, and have notably shifted their party platform even further to the Left.

I don’t claim to have supernatural abilities, but I’m impressed with Brian circa 2014. Though, to be honest, it’s not that shocking. Things have been going downhill for the GOP and Democratic Party for quite awhile. But, if there is one thing to take away from my blast to the past, it’s this:

With the younger generation of voters rising up, change is coming to the American political scene; sooner rather than later.

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