1984 Debate Between Capitalists and Socialists on Morality (Video)

1984 Debate Between Capitalists and Socialists on Morality (Video)

This is the 1984 public debate between the Objectivists (Leonard Peikoff and John Ridpath) representing the capitalist view, against the Democratic Socialists (Gerald Caplan and Jill Vickers) representing the socialist view.

The debate is over morality. Which system, capitalism or socialism, is more moral?

Part One is the introductions, skip down to Part Two below if you want to get to the good stuff.


Debate 1984 (Part 1) Capitalism Vs. Socialism

Part Two:

Debate 1984 (Part 2) Capitalism Vs. Socialism

Part Three:

Debate 1984 (Part 3) Capitalism Vs. Socialism

Part Four:

Debate 1984 (Part 4) Capitalism Vs. Socialism

Part Five:

Debate 1984 (Part 5) Capitalism Vs. Socialism

Part Six:

Debate 1984 (Part 6) Capitalism Vs. Socialism

Watch the rest at YouTube

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1 Comment

  • libertariantranslator
    February 22, 2016, 7:31 am

    This was the best of those debates. Sadly, these objectivists themselves became acolytes of religious wishful thinking as opposed to making platforms and getting enough small-party votes to change the laws. The NAP was formulated by Ayn during the Nuremberg trials of Christians for exterminating millions to eradicate “liberal jewish selfishness.” Goldwater’s nomination may have convinced her that the GOP was not nationalsocialist. A lot of people were fooled that way…


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