10 Times Our Elected Leaders Went Full Retard

By: R. Brownell

#1. Dan Quayle Cannot Spell “Potato”

                  It’s ok to have an “oops” moment every once in a while, but when you decide to have a full on mental lapse on national TV and end up getting corrected by a kid, it’s time to consider taking a vacation to clear your mind or a trip to the retirement home. During his lone term as VPOTUS, Dan Quayle tried correcting a small child’s spelling during a trip to talk about a new education reform bill. Sadly, a misspelling did take place, but it wasn’t the kid who made the grammatical error, it was Quayle…Seriously folks, how the Hell else do you spell “potato”? The gaff occurred when the VP stated to the child that “potato” was actually spelled “p-o-t-a-t-o-e” (you may go ahead and shed a tear for our future). At least Vice President Quail didn’t intentionally curse in front of the whole world like another certain VP….

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