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New Unseen Footage Emerges from the 9/11 Attacks

Posted by Austin Petersen • 23 Sep 2013

“Go home! Go home! They’re blowing up the buildings!”

A video has appeared on the Internet featuring some never-before-seen footage from the events of September 11th, 2001. The video is a series of mashups seemingly taken from multiple sources. It begins with a distant shot of the towers, while the rest of the 14 minutes documents peoples reactions to the explosions. Conversations from incredulous New Yorkers can be heard discussing the events, many registering disbelief about the tragedy that was taking place. The video was just released today and has yet to undergo strenuous tests to verify its authenticity but it is an intriguing insight into the psychology of the people who were there in New York that day.

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  • Hinikuna Dansei

    Aliens killed JFK, here’s your proof.

    Lee Harvey Oswald was secretly an undercover extraterrestrial agent sent to assassinate JFK due to his expansion of the US space program. This is why Oswald used such an old rifle for the assassination attempt. The second gunman on the grassy knoll was another undercover agent. When Oswald took the fatal shot (the “magic bullet”), the second extraterrestrial used his psychic abilities to ensure JFK’s wounds would be fatal. They hide the picture of the second gunman as you can immediately tell it is not of this world and do not want to cause a panic.

    When JFK was arrested, the NSA feared that the FBI would figure out his true identity under interrogation and sent one of their moles, Jack Ruby, to kill Oswald before he could talk. Ruby was a threat as he was the only one who knew the truth, so they injected him with cancer cells and he died before it could come to light.

    • Hinikuna Dansei

      Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

  • johnny mars

    Wikipedia “PNAC” and “the new Pearl Harbor,” then YouTube “WTC7,” “Dr. Alan Sabrosky,” and “Loose Change,” and Netflix “Reflecting Pool” for some hard TRUTH. We’ve been HAD! Wake up, sheeple!

    • Hinikuna Dansei

      I have some oceanside property in Lebanon, KS to sell you.

      • vabado4u

        Hinikuna Dansei – your token establishment shill.

        • Hinikuna Dansei

          If more people believed this, I’d buy stock in Reynolds Wrap. Fortunately, most people have this interesting things called “common sense” and “critical thinking”.

          • vabado4u

            I don’t know what “this” is that you are referring to. I read some of your other comments though and you are the classic and predictable establishment shill. “Nothing to see here, move along.”

            • Hinikuna Dansei

              Watergate had less than 10 people and fell apart. The government can’t even keep the Obamacare website up and running properly. And you somehow think there was a mass conspiracy where tens of thousands of folks are somehow all planted government agents who won’t tell a soul the truth? Please. At least show you have something to offer and not be a total nitwit.

              • vabado4u

                And the panicking from the token establishment shill begins. Get it all out there, establishment shill. What other words would you like to put in my mouth? What other accusations would you like to make? Come on genius. Be specific. What theory are you accusing me of subscribing to?

                • Hinikuna Dansei

                  Considering the nonsense you tried to just share, it’s pretty easy to see what theory you subscribe to. Sadly it’s one of nincompoops.

                  • vabado4u

                    Hahahahaha you just got owned and that’s all you could come up with? Hahahahahahahahaha

                    • Hinikuna Dansei

                      So you “owned” me? Guess you won the Internet, time to give up. Can you just explain where exactly you “owned” me, though, as I’m having a hard time even understanding why someone could even come up with that interpretation…

                    • Travis Badjib

                      To add my 2 cents and continue the flame war…..

                      I agree with Hinikuna, I mean the goverment couldn’t even keep Snowden from revealing that the NSA is spying on us, and yet somehow you think that the thousands of people involved in orchestrating an event like this have managed to keep their mouths shut for 13 years? If you honestly believe that then I would like a list of the drugs you are on because either you’re high, or you’re a delusional mad man that probably believes that Pearl Harbor was committed by Ape-men, and that the War of 1812 was against the Russians, Nigerians, and Palestinians


    Open question to TLR- How in the hell is the same guy, Austin Petersen, who posted this video, the same one who posted another today calling for the 9/11 truth movement to “Die Already”. Inquiring minds would like to know before we take our Libertarian rears away from this site. People have a right to question government with a long track record of false flag attacks and not be ridiculed for it. I fully expect to see a retraction and apology for the 2/3/14 story by Austin Petersen. Im fully aware of the possibility his account was hacked but if not it looks like this page is controlled by Anti Free Speech SOB’s.

    • Schlomo Weinberger

      Indeed very strange. Latest posting of article “Conspiracy Theories Real and Imagined” on the cusp of the incident at Super Bowl press conference is clever Straw Man. I am sorry to have to break it to all of you but incident on 11th of Sept will never be made public. It is privy info meant only for Kissinger, Zelikow, Zakheim, Chertoff et al.