CNN Commentator: Johnson’s Polling Impressive, Should Be in Debates

gary johnson debates

by Daniel Stephens

Long-time liberal political commentator and talk-show host Bill Press had positive words for Gary Johnson today on CNN when asked whether or nor he believed the CPD was feeling pressure to allow the former Governor of New Mexico a seat in the upcoming presidential debates. Grabien reports:

CNN Host: My question is this: Gary Johnson, in the latest Quinnipiac poll he’s at 10 percent … the debate commission says you need to be at 15%. Now 10 isn’t 15, but 10 is pretty impressive. Do you think there is pressure on the debate commission to find a way to let Gary on that stage?

Bill Press: Let me put it this way: I think Gary Johnson should be on stage. The American people deserve more choices and I don’t care whether he has 8%, 10%, or 12%, he should be on stage. One thing said that was very important, this is a one on — well, maybe two but looks like now one-on-one debate, so Donald Trump, that’s much different than having 17 other people, 16 other people on stage you can throw darts at and then disappear. He has to hold his own and, John, when Roger Ailes was coaching George H.W. Bush he was coaching somebody with a lot of substantive background there and a lot of experience not like Donald Trump.

Johnson’s polling numbers have been hovering around in the low double-digits for the past month. The Quinnipiac polling referenced in the segment has him right at 10 percent.


Will the growing chorus of Johnson support catapult him onto the presidential debate stage? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or in the comments below.

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