Cops disarmed and arrested a man for open carrying and now they’re going to pay. (VIDEO)

Posted by Austin Petersen • 11 Dec 2013

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - Police in the City of Colorado Springs were forced to pay $23,500 to a man they arrested by mistake for carrying his weapon in public. James Sorensen sued and won after he was arrested at a festival in July, one day after the Aurora shooting occurred. The entire incident was caught on camera and when the officer who disarmed him told him to get a lawyer, that’s exactly what he did.

The three officers and four sergeants involved were not aware of the law that made it legal open carry in city parks since 2003. Officers blamed the mistake on an outdated “cheat sheet” they use, in lieu of actually knowing the law they are charged to uphold. Police Chief Pete Carey ordered an internal review and demanded that the cheat sheet be scrubbed until it was in compliance with the law.

“I knew the law. I knew that it was legal for me to carry. My rights were trampled on,” Sorensen said.

9News.com reported that Metropolitan State University criminal justice professor Joseph Sandoval said, “A situation like this could turn very grave if you think about it,” Sandoval said. “If someone, if James would have resisted to the point of pulling his gun on a police officer, there could have been a fatal mistake and it was uncalled for.”

  • John J Rambo

    7 cops, 4 of the were Sgts and not one single one of them knew the law. Figures.

  • Jason

    His gun taken away, the day after the Aurora shooting… And you think THAT (the loss of the gun) is the crime.
    You Americans… Fkn nutbags.

  • James Pflager

    let the demons rot.

  • Moral Majority

    Ignorance of the Law is not a defense for a criminal. Why should it be a defense for misconduct for a law enforcement officer.

  • isthisnameokay

    It better be their money they pay with, and not taxpayer money.

  • Teerexness

    Man, these presstitutes will do anything to try and maintain the narrative that cops = good, won’t they? They trampled on the guy’s rights by illegally disarming him, they don’t even understand the dubious law that they think that they are enforcing, they threatened and put him and anyone close (with this many guns, tasters, etc.) at great risk and are costing the taxpayers a great deal of money due to losing the lawsuit. And to listen to these clowns, you think that the cops were the real victims here.

  • DrBob

    Sorry to see something such as this happen. I have seen many situations when Police Officers have embraced fellow citizens who utilize or express the 2nd, but of course that doesn’t make the news. Pretty much every Cop I know supports the 2nd amendment.

  • gager

    So many laws and we are told, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse.”.

    • Moral Majority

      Wish I had scrolled down prior to typing. You said it. It’s one of the first things we learn when we become an adult. Mommy and Daddy didn’t tell me it was wrong or I didn’t know isn’t an excuse.

  • Chet Nesley

    dumbass cops!!!

  • Anthony Bertorelli

    There was a report from 2003 (I think) that suggests having too high an IQ can disqualify someone from being a police officer.

    • Moral Majority

      In some areas it can. They want you to have just enough intelligence to understand an order given, but not too much intelligence that you may question whether the order given is wrong or unethical.

  • VL123

    Cops need training in laws….

    • Moral Majority

      And cops are reactionary, not proactive. They need to know what the law is and enforce it as it is, not bend it to what they want it to be. Here’s a fun example. How many times have we heard that cops prevent crime. What a load of bologna. Cops enforce the law, they don’t prevent crime, and they absolutely do not have a duty to protect you, that’s your duty.

  • EdinColorado

    Another win for Liberty and Freedom against Liberalism and Tyranny. Shoved that Obama…

  • JYD

    25k seams cheap to me

    • Moral Majority

      About 75K short by my estimation. This man had a lawyer to pay.

  • 66lima

    Colorado has gone from being the home of the “Make My Day Law” to the land of candy asses in only a few decades.
    Liberals ruining another state.

  • ZeroDarkThirty

    Because plausible deniability for cop too lazy to read up on current laws works. Shame on the Sergeant! He for one should have known current laws. Being a squad commander anyways. Definitely more training needed here.

  • StreyDawg

    Long past are the days when it was respectable to be a cop in America.

    Any bootlicker feel free to challenge this with this warning; I will humiliate you on this forum.

  • blehtastic

    The cops were not forced to pay, the taxpayers were. I would be surprised if this even affected the police department’s budget, let alone the paychecks and bank accounts of the offending officers. Until civil judgments are held against the law breaking cops nothing will change.

  • disgusted with politics

    good, More agency’s should be forced to pay for trampling on the rights of the citizens.

  • Marie L

    This shouldn’t have happened. Period. However, I don’t understand the logic behind saying he was ‘within his rights’ to kill the officers trying to disarm and arrest him. I understand that they were wrong in doing so. Obviously they should be more aware of the law, and this is a very serious problem in this country. However, were they threatening his life and if they weren’t, is he still within his rights to kill? I’m glad he had the sense to not let the situation go that far. And while it’s terrible the officers themselves were ignorant of the law, I don’t agree with referring to all police as ‘thugs’ and ‘nazis’. At the end of the day the vast majority of police officers protect and serve by putting their lives on the line for very little compensation and no respect.

  • John Elkins

    This man used the commonsense God gave him. If someone , including cops do you wrong somehow, you do not shoot them, you take them to court. Of course if someone is trying to do you or your family bodily harm, it is a different story. Then you have every right to stop them by any means necessary.—–By the way, I believe in the right for a person to carry a C.W. as I do most of the time.

    • FlatusOhlfart

      unless the trigger happy pigs shoot you first….

  • Mark Huston

    COPS are not your friend,, they are the army of the government… they have become an armed force to oppress you… only about 10% of cops know the law and that same many up hold their oath..probably the same number who are veterans, cities don’t want to hire veterans as cops they want college graduates who dislike America

    • sgtguthrie

      You’re a little off there guy. Some of my best friends are cops and let me tell you, they are some of the most adamant defenders of the Constitution and our rights. Also, how many cops are “OathKeepers”? Yes, there are some bad seeds, but they don’t represent a large part of the force.

      Oh, and my buddies department actively seeks out veterans ;-)

  • http://www.losangelies.org/ Los Angelies

    But, they don’t pay. Taxpayers do.

    • FlatusOhlfart

      that’s why they need to lose their jobs and pensions!

  • Jack

    Jack booted thugs do not care about the law, much less know it.

  • Eklypse13@yahoo.com

    Sad how they are only worried about the money payed out from the city andnot about the rights of a citizen being violated.

  • IncontinentiaButtocks

    Mr. Sandoval, had the plaintiff pulled his gun, these pigs, or rather the duped taxpayers, wouldn’t have paid a dime. He would be dead, along with any innocent bystanders unlucky enough to be in vicinity as these courageous heroes sprayed gunfire at the latest threat to officer safety.

  • Clint Lorenzo


  • You Didit

    The Police state lost this round. Love to buy you a beer Mr. Sorensen.

  • Christian Lynch

    Cops care not of our of laws and rights. The ones they concern themselves with is the ones that guarantee the Jolly Roger gets its booty.


    NEED TO READ THE MEMO’S DOUCHEBAGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PRDiddy

    Why would he pull his gun on a police officer? That makes no sense.