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Justin Amash is recruiting with the slogan: Join the Rebel Alliance!

Help Us Obi-Amash, You’re Our Only Hope

Michigan congressman Justin Amash (R) is branding his re-election campaign with a Star Wars theme titled: “The Establishment Strikes Back: Join the Rebel Alliance.”

The libertarian Republican’s message is consistent with his “take no prisoners” style of legislating. The Amash Amendment to rein in the NSA nearly passed the House of Representatives and sent shockwaves through the national security establishment. The bill would have defunded the NSA’s domestic spying programs, but was narrowly defeated 205-217.

Amash has served two terms in congress and been a stalwart in the battle for limited government. Still, he’ll need a better ship if he plans on winning. Right now his campaign couldn’t even do the Kessel Run in 5 parsecs. They’ve raised only $164,000 in January, compared to his opponent, Sith Lord Brian Ellis, who reportedly has access to nearly limitless resources. Amash is going to need a campaign that can do more than just bullseye womp rats if he wants to defeat the Empire.

He’ll need to use the Force.

Conservative and libertarian grassroots groups are throwing in with the rebels. Tea Party backed FreedomWorks has come out in support of the young Jedi knight. “He’s the gold standard of principled constitutionalism in Congress,” vice president of public policy at FreedomWorks Dean Clancy said. “We have heard that the K Street establishment wants to knock him off — and we intend to defend him punch-for-punch,” Clancy added.

Amash has his branding and message down, but it remains to be seen whether or not his campaign can raise enough money to beat a Death Star. They are currently enjoying a double digit lead against their Democrat opponent for the seat. The rebel alliance is holding a money bomb on December 16th at and will last for 24 hours.

Amash calls into radio program to debate Brian Ellis: