Worker’s Rights and the Right to Work

Everyone has the right to be allowed to work for a living, doing a job that they accept and choose freely. The right to work is a basic foundation for many other human rights and living a life of dignity. States must make sure that vocational and technical guidance is available and provide an environment that supports employment opportunities. States must also ensure that discrimination is not allowed in the workplace, and fortunately, forced labor is against international law.

To take things a step further, workers have a right to favorable and just conditions in the workplace and the right to belong to a trade union. States must ensure that equal pay is provided for equal work and that fair wages are being paid out to employees. A fair and just minimum wage must be established in each state to provide an employee with a decent living.

Working conditions must be created to support human dignity and be healthy and safe. Reasonable working hours must be established along with paid holidays to enjoy some leisure time and get adequate rest. 

When working conditions are not appropriate, employees have the right to bargain to improve their working conditions and living standards collectively. Workers are also free to go on strike and create trade unions of their own. 

States need to ensure that tailored services are available to help individuals find employment opportunities. Discrimination is prohibited, and workplaces must be physically assessable to people with disabilities. Everyone also has the right to obtain and seek employment information opportunities.

The right to work and other related rights are part of the International Labor Organization standards. The ILO is a specialized agency of the United Nations. These rights should be considered fundamental for all humans and an important building block for other human rights. A person that is not permitted to work will lose his sense of dignity and respect for himself.  

When you look at all of the rights available to workers, the right to work always comes first. Without work, society can’t survive. People have the right to earn a decent living, and any economy must thrive. All workers are important in the grand scheme of things, and without one industry, many others will topple.

As a worker, you have the right to get information about the rules and regulations at your place of employment. If you feel that your rights have been violated, you should not be afraid to act. This also applies to anybody holding shareholder agreements. You have the right to fight back when you are not provided with your basic rights.

Contact an attorney that specializes in employment law when you need expert advice. In addition, you can protect yourself when you feel that you have been wronged with the help of an employment lawyer.

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