3 Tips to Manage a User-Generated Content Website

Websites which operate with user-generated content as a marketing tool have a lot of potential to attract many users, yet they face some unique challenges. You want to give your users enough freedom to post anything that fulfils the purpose of your platform while balancing the moral and legal limitations.

When anyone with the internet has access to your website or blog and can post anything he wants, things tend to get a bit messy. It doesn’t matter if you personally generated the messages and post on your website, at the end of the day, it becomes your responsibility to deal with them authoritatively.

Your website is an extension of your product and your personality. So, wherever you allow users to interact with it, you need to keep a close eye on the content that is generated; otherwise, it would harm your brand message.

So, here are three tips to keep in mind when making your website and establishing parameters to keep the users in check.


The first step to ensure your safety is abiding by the legal laws of your area. In many countries, the owner of the site is liable for any content that is uploaded on his website by the user. So, you should make sure that your website is in accordance not only with local laws but also complies with international laws to avoid any lawsuits.

Many websites require users to check a “terms & conditions” agreement before accepting accounts. You should also put a set of guidelines and rules on your website to make sure that the users know what they can or can’t post.  You should also have an age limit, original content, and every account having image identity rule to make sure that no laws are broken.

Use AI Content Moderation and Purifier Campaigns

Setting guidelines and rules are a very good start towards making a website, but they don’t always ensure that the users will follow them. For any site that allows user-generated content, you need to enforce certain moderation and purifier techniques to make sure that no one is putting abusive or manipulative content on your website.

Let’s say you create a campaign where you ask everyone to put up pictures of their dogs – it is in the nature of most people to change the topic altogether and make the post offensive or vulgar. You can use inappropriate image detection, to make sure that only relevant content is posted on your page and the rest is filtered out.

Remember the Audience

The most integral part of any user-generated content website is its audience. You need to provide an environment where the users can grow and interact efficiently with each other. Also, when you are creating a content moderation campaign, you need to determine who your audience is and what the like a dislike. If your website is browsed by a lot of children, you must use profanity filters and content moderation services. By balancing your audience needs with your brand’s voice, you can create a perfect website.