Woman Lies About Paternity, Man Spends 5 Years In Jail (VIDEO)

MINNEOLA, FL – A recent episode of Paternity Court featured a story about Bill Manser whose one night stand ended in a nightmare. Manser was sentenced to five years in prison for failing to pay child support for a child that wasn’t his. The man was sentenced to prison for missing a court date related to his imposed obligations when Elizabeth Sehr lied about the paternity of her child.  [contextly_sidebar id=”f9a893381fdfc1158a478611316f721d”]

Paternity Court revealed the results of a test which exposed that Manser was not the father of the child he was sentenced to prison for. Documents submitted showed that the evidence put forward by the mother did not provide a conclusive record claiming he was the father. There was no information related to how the DNA sample was collected and a double blind test conducted on the show uncovered the awful truth, Manser had spent 5 years in jail for a lie.

The mother broke down and admitted that she knew who the real father was and was still in contact with him.

“People often are fearful of the law, intimidated by the court system. They tend to blow it off,” Paternity Court judge Lauren Lake said. “He did just that. He literally started this ball cascading down a mountain. He wanted to say he had never given a sample in this case. The question then became: If you showed up in court, you would have given that sample. You can be named the legal father of a child by default if you don’t show up for court. People don’t understand that.”

Lake remembered that Manser kept saying: “I served this time in jail. No one would listen to me. I had to come here. I wouldn’t be able to find the closure.”


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