BREAKING: 3 Students Shot Near Pittsburgh High School (VIDEO)

PITTSBURGH, PA – Three students were shot today near Brashear High School just before 3PM local time. One of the victims is reported to be in critical condition after receiving a shot to the head. Two others are stable. [contextly_sidebar id=”cfedb7bcb46535be10ed6e53fcd79630″]

WXPI is reporting that law enforcement detectives believe three men, all wearing black came out of the woods and opened fire before walking back into the wilderness.

Eyewitness Krystal Henson said, “Everyone just started running. I thought it was just kids playing around,” but when she saw police she knew something was wrong.

Police are scouring the woods on the search for the assailant or assailants. Some reporters are speculating it may be related to a nearby bank robbery.

Brashear is the largest public school in the Pittsburgh Public Schools district.

The video link is reportedly down. Here’s a direct link for updates. 


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