Armed Family Mounts Rescue Mission To Save Kidnapped Woman (VIDEO)

One Louisiana family wasn’t going to wait for authorities to solve the crime of who kidnapped their family member. When Bethany Arceneaux was reported missing and the police turned up no leads, the family grabbed their guns and began their own manhunt.

A search of the woods and an abandoned home revealed that Bethany was imprisoned inside. Marcus Arceneaux said his son squeezed off a warning shot when the family burst in, but shot and killed Scott Thomas when he continued to stab the woman. Marcus said, that “He stabbed her a few times and once they got closer, he stabbed her again. That’s why she hollered. He started stabbing her as they got close.”

Bethany was wounded but survived. “I hate that it happened like this, because I don’t feel like anyone should lose their life,” Marcus said. “My prayers go out to the Thomas family and I’m sorry for their loss, but we had to save our niece.”

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