Cop Arrested After Video Reveals Him Beating His Daughter (VIDEOS)

BERTHOUD, CO – Berthoud Police officer Jeremy Yachik was arrested after video revealed that he beat his daughter for eating carrots out of the refrigerator. He also was proven to have choked her, starved her, force fed her hot sauce, locked her in the laundry room alone and beat her with ropes.


Between July 1, 2012 and Oct. 2, 2012, the girl described being choked around the neck repeatedly by Yachik. She described at least one choking incident when she felt dizzy, suffered blurred vision and eventually blacked out, the affidavit said. She recalled waking up on the floor, feeling dizzy and confused. After investigating the allegations, Loveland police obtained an arrest warrant for Yachik on Tuesday. The officer was arrested at his Loveland home without incident on Wednesday morning, police said. After being taken to the Loveland Police Department to be processed for arrest, he posted a $1,500 bond and was released.


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