The War on Drugs

With Rand Paul Out, the Presidential Election Loses a Champion of Marijuana Law Reform

With one announcement the U.S. Presidential election has lost a true champion of reforming drug laws and the criminal justice system. Rand Paul now takes his fight back exclusively to the floor and halls of the U.S. Senate.

As I write this I’m proud to be sitting in a state represented by Rand Paul (Kentucky) and a district represented by Thomas Massie (KY-4th). They are some of the few in Congress that fight the ever-increasing onslaught that is the federal government’s unending quest for more power. They lead the generations that have inherited the Ron Paul Revolution.

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While we all do our part in the realm of reforming marijuana laws and chipping away at the wall that is prohibition, few have done more than Rand Paul. From sponsoring and fighting for legislation to get the federal government out of the business of overriding state cannabis laws, to his repeated calls for an end to federal cannabis prohibition, to his advocating for non-violent drug offenders getting tickets instead of jail time, Senator Paul has been instrumental in putting these issues in front of millions of Americans on the Senate floor and in the Presidential debates.

He has advocated for reforms to the criminal justice system, including an end to mandatory minimum sentencing and has spoken out against horrible government abuses like civil forfeiture. He raised these issues during the Presidential election, bringing a national spotlight to them, and he will continue to do so as he fights for them in the Senate.

When freedom is assaulted on all sides and few will stand to stem the tide, those who do stand up and fight are easier to see. Rand Paul is one of those fighters and we are all lucky he stands against that tide.

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