Why There’s Still Controversy Around the Best CBD Oil

CBD has been the craze for some time now because of its ability to heal various ailments. Studies and users claim that it has many therapeutic benefits. CBD is a cousin to the THC-rich marijuana, but has none of its psychoactive or hallucinogenic properties. Ingesting CBD will not make you “high”. Instead, you will only get a feeling of relaxation, calmness, and sense of well-being. The great thing about this is you will still be clear-minded enough to do your daily tasks. Although many industries have already embraced CBD, tough hurdles still need to be overcome because it is relatively new on the market.

Below are just some of the reasons why there’s still controversy around the best CBD oil:

Not Enough Medical Evidence

Although CBD claims to cure a lot of ailments, there hasn’t been enough studies to back them up. The only glaring scientific evidence that CBD can cure is its effect on epileptic patients. The drug Epidiolex was specifically formulated from CBD to help stave the symptoms of a rare form of epilepsy off of patients who are resistant to other drugs.

For other uses of CBD, there is little evidence to make a sound conclusion. An example for this is CBD against anxiety disorder. There have been many claims that CBD reduces anxiety, but it’s still not clear how much dosage is needed for CBD to take effect on people with anxiety.

Others also claim that CBD is an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. However, experts believe it is a weak analgesic, and it is the THC component of medical marijuana that actually contributes to the pain relief.

Possibility of Harm

CBD has been used in experiments to treat glaucoma in mice, and it has been found that it increases ocular pressure on the eye. Medical marijuana with THC gives some relief to the pressure, but it has mixed results due to CBD.

Many experts are actually amazed by the fact that CBD has gained popularity with very little studies conducted on it. They suggest that people who want to use CBD should consult with a physician first to see if it will be beneficial to their health.

The purity of CBD content is also an issue, and, in certain states, it is being regulated so it is best if people purchase products through state-run programs that make CBD available medicinally. There are better chances that these outlets will sell quality oils to the public that will be potent and effective.

Unregulated Industry

Many experts doubt the purity and content of CBD products being sold in artisanals and dispensaries as CBD is still an unregulated industry, wherein no specific body regulates its products.

In fact, a 2017 study claimed that as much as seven out of ten CBD products did not contain the CBD promised on the label. It was found out that nearly half didn’t contain the CBD amount specified, while 26% had too much of it. Even worse, many of those CBD products contained the intoxicating THC substance.

There really is no way of knowing what you are getting from a product if you get yours from unregulated stores. CBD for hypertension, most especially, should undergo a clinical trial and must be best studied for hypertension before it should be made available in the market.

CBD still needs much more research into how marijuana and the said ingredient react to the different receptors in the body so everyone can finally see how CBD can be beneficial to health. Right now, people are romanticizing CBD and considering it a magic cure all for many diseases, which shouldn’t be the case according to experts believe.

Not Absorbed Well Orally

CBD is a difficult drug to make because it is not very well absorbed by the body due to the fact that it is fat soluble.  If it isn’t crafted the correct way, a negligible amount will be absorbed by the body for it to even make an impact on the bloodstream and systemic circulation.

Complications with Other Meds

CBD has the potential to interact negatively with other medications. People who are taking anti-epileptic drugs along with CBD have experienced raised blood levels. CBD is also seen as something that could potentially harm the liver. Some studies have revealed that ten percent of people taking CBD  experience increased liver enzymes, which indicates possible liver damage.

Final Thoughts:

There needs to be extensive studies on the benefits of CBD to make sure that it does cure all that it purports to cure. The best way to take in CBD is to be under the monitoring and management of a health provider. CBD is just like any medication, and is not the ultimate cure for everything. Taking in quality oils is also essential to make sure you will be getting the full benefits of CBD.



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