Why Betting On Banker Is Your Best Bet

In baccarat, there are three ways to bet on your win. These are the Banker, Player, and Tie bets, which can change the outcome of your bet. With only three choices, it lessens the possibility of getting more losses in a game. The game relies on luck, so you must make the best of your best.

Why is betting on Banker the best choice? The Banker has a higher chance of winning than Player and Tie bets, and players prefer to use this often. You might have encountered the approach among experienced players. It has the most likely chance of winning, even with the potential losses in a game. Here is why Banker is your best bet!

Steady Commission and Win Rate

A game of baccarat uses the house edge and a commission percentage. The Banker’s bet uses a 5% commission which is a big cut from your winnings. Therefore, you go for the lowest possible commission in the casino. If the percentage is too high, you can read the terms and conditions of the game to see where the percentage goes. 

You can do a possible computation of your winnings to have an idea. For example, the Banker’s bet has a 1.06% in the house edge. The percentage that goes back to the player is 98.94%. While high, it is only a theoretical percentage and differs from the actual game. If you include the win rates, the Banker’s hand has a 45.87% chance of winning. Keep in mind that there is still a possibility of losing, so take the risk when you can. 

Delayed Rewards

Getting the first turn may ensure a win for a game like baccarat, but that is not always the case. The banker hand always goes last according to the play order. In addition, it follows an aggressive approach, resulting in a lower house edge. Without the commission percentage, the player would have an advantage against the house. However, all houses will win regardless of a player’s winnings. It is why the 5% commission is in place to put it in their favor. You get your rewards on a slower approach, at least.

A Greater Advantage

The percentages of the banker have no differences in the short term. You should always side with the house and take the bet with the low house edge. At the end of the day, the casino allows you to make a better bet. If you get the chance, use it to your advantage. In short, the banker has the best outcome among possible choices.

Wrapping Up

Betting on banker is the ideal choice for playing baccarat. With its highest winning percentage, you earn back your bets against the house edge. In addition, you get to go last, giving you enough time to decide on your next move. While the commission rate is high at first, it gets covered by the house edge. As a result, you can still get good earnings from the game. Ultimately, the banker gives you the advantage of delayed rewards in a game of chance. 


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