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Rob Shimshock

The part-time lecturer who coined the phrase “white fragility” said that there are too many white teachers, according to a Thursday report.

Robin DiAngelo made this remark and others at the University of Texas during an event titled “White Fragility: Understanding and Working Against White Privilege,” reported The College Fix.

“When is the first time you had a teacher of the same race[s] as you? How often did that happen? When did you first have a teacher of a different race than you?” DiAngelo asked the audience. She suggested that whites make up too large of a proportion of teachers in America.

She defines “white fragility,” the phrase for which she became known, as “a state in which even a minimum amount of racial stress becomes intolerable, triggering a range of defensive moves.”

During the lecture, DiAngelo called white people to the stage to read about their “racial privilege,” “internalized superiority,” and other alleged flaws. She instructed the audience not to clap as the white individuals went to sit back down. She previously warned the audience that whites have “emotionally charged” beliefs concerning racism and would probably get defensive.

At one point during her presentation, DiAngelo showed a photo of male politicians deliberating on women’s healthcare, describing the “sexism” and “power” in the scenario. The speaker did not only scrutinize issues through a solely gender-oriented lens, but she also further categorized people by their race and class.

DiAngelo, who used to be a full-time professor, now lectures part-time on social justice at the University of Washington. The lecturer said there would be no question and answer period.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to DiAngelo and the University of Texas for comment, but received none in time for press.

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  • Deuce_2112

    Too many white teachers? No. Too many stupid ones? Yes.

  • Rocket Science Isn’t Hard

    My wife is one of those rare educators (high school freshmen). She teaches English, Writing and Public Speaking, but moreover she teaches her students how to think critically, to use reason and researched facts in there arguments. She started out her career in a all black (3 white students our of 600) school. She is white. She gets a friend request about once a month from former students. They tell her, along with the included pictures of their families that if it wasn’t for her beveling in them and telling them that they had a lot to offer (many tell her she was the first person to tell them they were worth anything at all) that they would be in jail or worse. Her principle told her that she shouldn’t be teaching black kids, that only blacks could teach black kids. After a few years of abuse by that principle she left and teaches at another school. Her kids (even back then) routinely score the highest on the state tests, though she has never ‘taught to the test’ in her life. She has a very supportive administration today, but is not looking to leave the profession. To much water under that bridge.

    Many people are under the mistaken belief that most teachers are just bad at their job. The truth is, that most teachers that join the profession leave by the third year, only the incompetent or driven by passion ones stay. There are very few of the later.