Which Presidential Candidate are Wildlife Conservation Groups Endorsing?

When it comes to choosing a presidential candidate to support, there is an almost endless list of possible topics to consider.  Outside of political parties, which is how the majority of Americans choose which candidate to vote for, important issues like military funding, climate change, and healthcare are among the topics brought up at many political debates in the last several election cycles.  With that said, wildlife conservation groups have been relatively clear with which candidate most of them support in the upcoming election.

One of the most interesting endorsements that have come out of this political race is the endorsement of Joe Biden by The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund, a group associated with the National Wildlife Federation.  They gave this endorsement based on Biden’s “collaborative, science-based leadership” style, according to one article.  This organization seems to hope Biden will make moves to fight climate change, among other things.

In addition to The National Wildlife Federation, Biden also received backing from the League of Conservation Voters, a group that has traditionally supported Democratic candidates, with Biden the latest person backed by this organization.  Carol Browner, the League of Conservation Voters’ chairperson, again cited Biden’s leadership ability as the main factor in the decision to back him.

It seems that the trend continues with other groups.  Nearly every other source on this topic states that various conservation groups have decided to back Biden, especially after Bernie Sanders halted his political campaign in April.  Also cited by many an article is current President Donald Trump’s lack of acknowledgment about issues of human-induced climate change.  Many of these conservation groups seem to be simply picking the candidate other than Trump to endorse based on his remarks on these issues, including a Tweet from November of 2012 that reads “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”  Since climate change and wildlife conservation are innately intertwined issues, comments like these absolutely deter these groups from wanting their name associated with Trump’s comments.

In addition to climate change, bird conservation will be an interesting issue that may be in some way included in the next election.  Since urban bird populations cause problems for people, and themselves, it will be important to make sure these birds are treated humanely while also protecting people from issues caused by these animals.  Pigeons are probably the most common bird present in any urban setting, and, though they may seem harmless, can cause pretty major problems and property damage if they manage to nest inside a building.  Though pigeons can be considered pests, their humane removal from these situations is important, and certain wildlife control groups strive to provide services that create safer living conditions for both humans and unwanted animal visitors.  A quick visit to will provide you with much more information on such topics, along with detailed information on how to detect a wide variety of potential visitors.

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