Which One Of These Libertarian Stereotypes Are You? Part 2

By Milton Friedman’s Rowdy Millennial Spirit Animal, R. Brownell

1. The Ron Swanson

aka “Don’t teach a man to fish, you go fish instead and feed yourself”


The ultimate independent, rough and tumble individual. Have a problem with your car? You fix it, mechanics cost money and its your car, you should know how to fix your own stuff, or why do you even own it? Bored at home? Go finish all the tasks you need to get done instead of sitting down and going blank in front of a TV screen!

The “Ron Swanson” gets things done and doesn’t ask for help for things he can do for himself.  After all, life’s not that hard, it’s just high time to stop making excuses and go hunt your next meal…or settle for going grocery shopping and making your meal yourself! Even if you find yourself in a lapse in time and have absolutely nothing going on, maybe you can share your knowledge with small doses of manly wisdom like “…clear alcohol are for rich women on diets” and “never half ass two things. Whole ass one thing”.


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