Which One Of These Libertarian Stereotypes Are You? Part 2

4. The Angry Blogger

aka “if I don’t blog, I will stop the motor of the world”


The internet is an amazing tool. Ideas can reach individuals at a scale and in a way no one could have ever imagined in mankind.

 Sadly, just like internet trolls and malware pop up ads with Russian mail order brides, something, someone, is literally out there literally spending inhuman amounts of time writing, ranting, and breaking the keys on his keyboard since he hasn’t let up since he first turned on his computer.

This is the dude that has a comment, literally about EVERYTHING. This ego maniac won’t stop or even take a break until the world knows about everything they have to say, since somebody somewhere must have the time on their hands to really care about what whiny, pessimist, cynics who have nothing really to contribute to the world have to say. Get out of the online comment forums and go make a real friend already!!! Your opinions about why everything is terrible can wait like…forever!


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