Which Line of Credit is Suitable for You in the UK?

Line of credit refers to a flexible credit that you can avail. It is similar to credit cards, you can borrow as much as needed when required. Moreover, you can repay the line of credit either immediately or during a set tenure time. In other words, the line of credit is a flexible kind of credit that is available for people to borrow money at ease and convenience.

This line of credit in the UK is offered by certain banks and other financial institutions such as non-banking commercial companies. A line of credit provides a limited amount of money to a person at any time which can be used for any purpose and repaid immediately or later within a fixed duration as is decided at the time of obtaining credit.

When is it useful to obtain a Line of Credit?

A person cannot avail credit every time they see fit. The task of acquiring a loan can be cumbersome as various documents are needed, checking eligibility requirements, along with a suitable credit score.

In the case of an emergency, not everyone is capable to easily get money. In situations like these, it becomes important to know how to avail a line of credit to address any emergency. Also, the cost of borrowing repeatedly is very high and may not be feasible for everyone, hampering their credit ratings in the process. The line of credit can be obtained from many lenders at anytime but you must have a good credit score.

Why is the Line of Credit in the UK better than other credit options?

Any option to avail credit in the UK requires a lot of documentation, credit history, frequent repayments, timely interest payments and so on. In addition to this, it is almost impossible to avail credit too frequently as it can spoil your credit history. Moreover, there are limits to the amount that you can borrow. Listed below are the reasons why a line of credit in the UK is better than other credit options. You might also check out the risks of having credit card from Creditspring blog.

  • With Line of credit, you can purchase different things with the same amount that is approved as compared to loans that help in buying only particular commodities like vehicle loans, electronic devices, etc.

  • Lines of credit in the UK can be availed anytime you require rather than other loans that can be acquired at fixed intervals.

  • The line of credit is flexible enough as all you need to avail it is a good credit score or credit history.

  • Emergencies are always unpredictable, a line of credit in the UK can be useful as it provides cash at any time, unlike the other forms of credit.

Which Line of Credit is better for your purchase?

Despite earning a substantial amount of income, sometimes it can be tough to buy the car, electronic device or house you desire. In these situations, you can either go to the bank or any other lender for a line of credit.

The line of credit is different for each purchase based on its interest rate, security, credit history and so on. The different kinds of line of credit in the UK are as listed below.

Personal Line of Credit

If you are looking to buy a product for personal use like television, refrigerator, etc. Even small commercial goods, you do not need a large amount of cash to borrow. In these situations, the best line of credit is a secured line of credit where the collateral is kept as a security. This collateral can eventually help you to get better terms on loans such as favorable interest rates and better tenures.

In this case, you can buy whatever commodity you want without any worry but your collateral can be seized if you default on any payments or have delayed the payment of credit borrowed.

Business or home equity line of credit

When starting a new business or buying a home, these require a considerable amount of cash that cannot be arranged immediately. If you do not have the money in your account, you can opt for credit to get what you need. Banks and other line of credit lenders now offer high lines of credit which are secured by using the business’s inventory or equipment. Apart from this, banks offer specific business lines of credit and home equity lines of credit to help you in the time of cash demand.

The Disadvantages of a Line of Credit in the UK

A line of credit can be both useful and dangerous. There is a credit evaluation process and the people in need of credit who have a poor credit history will find it much harder to get approval.

Some banks will charge a maintenance fee either monthly or annually. If the line of credit is approved but not used, the interest will start accumulating once the credit is borrowed. Some borrowers may find the line of credit interest calculations more complicated and could be taken off guard at what they pay in interest at the end of the credit cycle. A line of credit in the UK is largely dependent on how borrowers use them, excessive borrowing can get you into financial trouble.

Before obtaining a line of credit, make sure to treat it just like any other loan, borrowers should pay close attention to the terms relating to fees, interest rates and repayment schedules before signing up for a line of credit in the UK.


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