Where is marijuana legal in the world?

Where is marijuana legal in the world?


Where is marijuana legal in the world? There are various countries where weed is legal, but not all of its forms are beneficial to human health. The fact is that the legality of marijuana for recreational and medical use is a questionable topic. Some people are of the view that it should not be legalized since this product can make many of the society members an addict, and the others continue claiming that cannabis is good for human health and must be sold all over the world without any restrictions. Where is weed legal in the world? Every country has set certain policies and rules and regulations in this regard; some of them allow a specific amount to be consumed per day, while the others permit citizens to use marijuana only when they have a serious medical condition which cannot be cured with a pharmaceutical drug or a therapy. In some of those countries, the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs is responsible for regulating the policies. Here we have given a comprehensive list of countries where marijuana has become legal and is now being sold at different online weed dispensaries and physical locations, and people are getting more and more benefits.

Full legalization (recreational, medical)

Studies have revealed that more than 120 million people in the United States and Canada use cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. The possession of some of them for this product has taken a serious form, and estimates also reveal that about 500,000 Americans were previously arrested for cannabis possession; this makes two to three persons per minute. Still, the public supports the idea that marijuana should be legalized in all parts of the world, as it is of great health benefits. This support began in 1969 when a lot of people came to the streets demanding the legalization of marijuana. In 2012, in Washington and Colorado, marijuana was legalized for recreational purposes. Proponents of legalizing marijuana are of the view that it will be adding millions of dollars to the economy, will create hundreds of jobs, will free up the best resources, and will stop the racial disparity in marijuana enforcement. They claim that cannabis is not as harmful to human health as is alcohol and that people should be given the right to decide whether they want to use marijuana or not.


Canada is one of the countries with legal weed. When marijuana was legalized in Uruguay, Canada was where it got legalized the same time. Certain laws have now been formed in order to abide people to buy marijuana only when they reach their 21. Since 2001, people whose age is below 21 are prohibited from buying, selling or transferring marijuana from one place to another. The same year, Justin Trudeau ran a campaign that got successful and opened up the recreational use of marijuana. There is no need for a person to be in Canada in order to buy marijuana, as people can now buy the best varieties from online Canadian stores. In October 2018, different forms of marijuana were legalized all over Canada. It is now easy for growers to get a license by the federal government. Then individual provinces are allowed to evaluate how many products are being sold or distributed across the country and what should be done to ensure that people of certain ages buy marijuana.


In Georgia, cannabis has become legal in recent years in terms of consumption and possession. In July 2018, the Constitutional Court of Georgia set certain rules and regulations in this regard. Now, the cultivation of marijuana is allowed in all parts of the country, but only small quantities or amounts of marijuana are allowed for local consumption. Since 2005, Georgia is serving as a transit route for several drugs that come from Asia, headed for Europe and Russia. Some years ago, the situation was not the same and the government did not allow people to buy, sell or distribute marijuana in Georgia. Under the strict anti-drug policy, offenders may be sent to jail for up to fifteen years. According to the advocacy group titled White Noise Movement, more than 120 people are tested for drugs in Georgia on a daily basis. This is enough to prove that after the legalization of cannabis, the government or police officers have not forgotten their duties regarding how to keep people safe from drug addiction.

South Africa

South Africa is one of those countries where marijuana is legal. It was legalized in this part of the world by Constitutional Court, and only personal consumption by adults is allowed in times when they are alone at home. This means neither children nor teenagers are permitted to buy or use marijuana in any way. At the same time, the recreational use of cannabis is allowed, meaning those who are spending time with friends or have a get together are allowed to buy or use marijuana. It should be noticed that certain regulations against marijuana are still in effect, and it is unclear how the ruling should be enforced. The previous year, in 2018, some advocates forced the government to modify certain laws regarding who should be allowed to buy, sell or use marijuana. It is believed that cannabis was introduced here by the indigenous people before European settlement in the Cape in the 1650s. In those days, it was used in large quantities by Basotho to in order to ease the period of pregnancy and childbirth.


Uruguay is one of those very few places where weed is legal. Amazingly, it is legal nationwide, and this happened when President Jose Mujica had signed a contract regarding the legalization of recreational and medical cannabis. Since December 2013, it is being sold in all parts of the country and different forms and varieties are introduced almost daily. The same year, Uruguay became the first country of the modern era that had allowed the growth of up to six plants at home. Previously, no country in the world permitted the growth of more than two plants at home, and this was a matter of serious concern. In 2014, the government finally started registering the clubs of growers and allowed them to grow up to 100 plants of cannabis every year. One year later, in 2015, there were up to 3,000 registered growers across the country that were not only growing marijuana but also were selling it on both small and large scales. Uruguay is a country that has not criminalized the possession of drugs.

Medical use

From a medical point of view, marijuana can be used to treat illnesses like cancer, depression, anxiety, and others. In fact, medical marijuana is now recommended by physicians to a large number of patients. Due to the restrictions on the production of marijuana in different parts of the world, there have had been limited clinical research, but it has still been proved that cannabis can benefit us in a lot of ways. For example, the use of weed or marijuana can reduce vomiting and nausea to an extent, especially during chemotherapy. It also improves appetite and digestive system. People with HIV/AIDS should use marijuana upon the recommendation of their healthcare experts. Furthermore, it can help manage chronic pain and reduce muscle spasms to an extent. Both short term and long term use of marijuana are recommended to people, not to children and teenagers, as it may not be good for their health. If you are feeling restless or tired, or have dizziness and hallucination, then you can use marijuana. Please bear in mind that its unwise or irregular use can cause various problems. So it is important that you use weed in an appropriate amount or quantity.


In the Netherlands, cannabis was legalized years ago. However, it was legalized for personal use only. Recreational or widespread consumption of marijuana was not allowed, but today, it is made available at almost all coffee shops and fast food stores and people love to buy it in large quantities. It was in the 1910s when marijuana was allowed to be used openly in the Netherlands. By 1928, certain laws were introduced to prevent illegal import and export of different forms of marijuana. In the Dutch colony of Suriname, this product remained banned for many years. However, in the early 20th century, it was legalized. In the same way, in Dutch Indonesia, it was legalized not sooner than in 1927. In order to ease the production and sale of marijuana, the government divided it into different categories: more dangerous and less dangerous. As already mentioned, cannabis has now been legalized and is available at all coffee shops and restaurants. The trend of selling and buying marijuana from such places started in 1977, and possession of up to five grams is allowed.


In Argentina, cannabis was not legalized until 2009. It was when only small quantities or amounts were allowed and people were not permitted to take cannabis outside their private locations. The Supreme Court allowed its sale and distribution by 2011, and today, public consumption of cannabis has become common. We can see many young adults wandering here and there on the roads trying to buying and selling cannabis in appropriate quantities. Still, in some parts of the country, the cultivation, transportation, and selling of marijuana in large quantities are prohibited. Certain laws are present that prevent people from selling huge quantities and those who break the rules are given serious punishments or are sent to jail. In Chubut, medical marijuana has been legalized since September 2016. Similarly, it was legalized in Santa Fe in November 2016, and since then, it is being sold in appropriate quantities and people are provided with different varieties according to their desires and requirements. Nearly two years ago, the Argentine Senate had allowed people to use cannabis oil. Today, it is being sold at almost all superstores across the country.


All over Australia, cannabis plants are grown in large quantities. People are allowed to use it for medicinal and recreational purposes. It has been reported that people over 22 years are allowed to buy large amounts of marijuana, and the rest are not permitted to either buy or sell it in any form. These laws have been made to ensure that only people of certain ages or adults are able to use marijuana, and those who are too young are not permitted to sell or buy it. Australia is said to have one of the highest prevalence rates of cannabis in the world.


In Chile, marijuana’s production has been legalized for certain years. Its public and private consumptions are allowed. People are especially encouraged to bring this product to their homes and use it privately so that children or teenagers around them do not start using the product. This is because teenagers and children are still prevented to use marijuana. In 2014, the government allowed to start clinical trials on cannabis, and by 2015, a bill was passed by the Congress in which was mentioned that cannabis would be allowed to the public. Cannabis or marijuana has a history of being produced in huge quantities in Chile.


In Columbia, cannabis is only allowed for commercial use or public consumption. This means no person can buy and use it privately, and keeping different forms or varieties of cannabis at home secretly is also not allowed. However, those who have serious health problems are often allowed to keep a specific quantity of cannabis. The plantation of marijuana started in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, and it is now cultivated in almost all parts of the country. However, teenagers and children are discouraged from using or buying cannabis in any form or way. In the 1920s, a large number of cannabis plants were grown and the government removed restrictions with time.


It should be noticed that possession of most of the drugs such as cannabis is not legal in Poland. This means people can buy and sell this product only in specific quantities, and those who try to break the laws are arrested right away and sent to jail in no time. It was in 1999 when cannabis was legalized in Poland, and since then, this drug has been cultivated and sold or distributed in almost all parts of the country. Like many other countries, the unwise use or sales of marijuana is not allowed in Poland. Its different forms have recently been legalized.

North Korea

For many years, the status of marijuana remained unclear in North Korea. Some people claimed that it had been legalized, and some called it a bad product which should not be legalized at any cost. Most recently, its status became clear and certain laws were passed regarding the legalization of different forms of marijuana. Centuries ago, cannabis was considered a major product and it was cultivated in huge quantities in ancient Korea. Not only this but also different samples of hempen fabric were discovered in 3000 BCE. In modern times, North Korea’s government allowed the commercial use of marijuana. In addition, people are permitted to use the product for curing different medical conditions.


In Peru, marijuana is only allowed to be used for recreational purposes. It should be noticed that possession of this drug is not allowed at any cost. Those who cross their limits or become an addict are given serious punishments under Act#299 of the Criminal Code. It was in 2017 when cannabis oil was allowed to be used for medical and beauty purposes. If you live in this part of the world, you would have an idea that though cannabis is legalized, there are strict rules and regulations regarding how much quantity to be used. Possession of fewer than seven grams is said to be legal.


Italy is one of those countries where marijuana is legalized for industrial or medical purposes only. It means if you are in Italy, you can buy cannabis from any drug store after showing your doctor’s prescription. Those who try to buy or use it for other purposes like recreation or possession might have to face serious consequences. The possession of only small quantities is allowed for personal uses. It means you cannot buy it for someone else, and if people in your circle want to get marijuana, then they are required to submit their own IDs to the store owner before getting marijuana.


Last but not least, Germany is where cannabis is legalized for a limited number of reasons. First of all, those who have serious medical complications can use it in appropriate quantities. Secondly, cannabis is only meant to be used by adults, meaning children and teenagers are not allowed to either buy it or sell it in any form or for any purpose. The possession of the drug is allowed, but only in small quantities. Unwise or excessive use of cannabis is not allowed, and those who break the rules are given serious punishments. Although Δ9-THC has been listed in Annex I, patients in some situations can obtain it after getting special permission by the federal government or authorities.


Just like other countries where marijuana is not legalized, the illegal or unwise drug use, as well as drug trafficking, are not allowed in the above-mentioned countries. So it is essential to take care of drug prohibition laws while buying or selling marijuana in any part or country in the world. The United Nations Office on Drugs has estimated that the cost of this drug market is up to $320 billion, with a GDP of $33 billion some years ago. Hundreds to thousands of people cultivate and sell marijuana at local levels, and it is also important for them to take care of the local rules and regulations.


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