What We Will Lose if Donald Trump Wins

This election cycle is really giving emphasis to how horrible choosing the lesser of two evils can be. Most political arguments from supporters of either major party’s presumptive nominee center on an argument of how horrible the other candidate is. There is very little to sell in terms of positive messages this election year. Instead this has turned into a race to the bottom, with people screaming that we must vote X or Y in order to defeat the other.

I have already stated what the country stands to lose if corrupt Hillary Clinton wins the presidency — namely gun rights. This is the single biggest threat from a Hillary administration, in my mind. However, a Trump candidacy comes with plenty to worry about, as well.

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First, although Trump has changed his tune enough to win the support of the NRA, the real estate mogul has a long history of advocating for gun control. While supporters dismiss this along with his financial support of almost every infamous liberal in D.C., the truth is that how Trump would actually govern remains a mystery. While many would like to think he would defend gun rights, there is no evidence of this other than recent statements (and Trump is known for flip-flopping).

Trump’s antagonistic rhetoric toward business is worrisome. His insistence that he will force businesses to do what he wants them to sounds like FDR on steroids — even Obama hasn’t spoken this strongly against business. His irrational and economically illiterate view of free trade is also troubling; as Trump shrugs off the concepts of trade wars and seems wholly unconcerned with how trade benefits American consumers (especially low-income Americans).

What lies beneath his rhetoric on business, trade, his religious-based policies, and his appalling disregard of the Geneva Conventions (saying he would order troops to commit war crimes) is a total disrespect for the Rule of Law. Trump’s strongman mantra combined with his ignorance is a recipe for authoritarianism. The Rule of Law means that the Constitution and laws passed by the people are the ultimate authority — not any individual or group of people. But when the authority becomes one instituted by the edict of leaders, this is not a Rule of Law but rule by strength.

Trump’s tendencies and disregard for the constitutional limits of government power promise that a Trump presidency would be bad for America. Even worse, Trump’s actions would be done under the false banner of limited, conservative governance. That could leave Americans clamoring for big government liberalism in response.

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