What Is Special About Gambling in No Deposit Casinos?

Every second gambler is trying to find a no deposit casino for the gameplay. Why? What is special about online gambling platforms offering no deposit bonus? Why should you consider registering at no deposit casino or give preference to it? We will try to answer all your questions further in this post.

Specs of No Deposit Casinos

The main distinctive feature of no deposit casinos is that they offer bonuses not requiring any deposits from the customer’s wallet. The bonus implies other claiming conditions, which can be associated with:

  • registering an account at a casino;
  • inviting a friend to join a casino;
  • using a particular payment system;
  • playing a particular game.

For all your actions, a casino will reward you with free bonus credits. Of course, the amount you get will not be so big as a match bonus package. As a rule, no deposit bonuses are rarely larger than $50. However, this money will be enough for a new casino customer to test all its games or pick a particular gamble and develop a winning strategy for it.

Many casino players make the same mistake — they only pay attention to the bonus amount they get if they follow bonus claiming conditions. That’s a wrong approach since you need to know everything about a bonus to be able to use it at maximum. We strongly recommend you to pay attention to the following characteristics of no deposit bonuses before you claim any of them:

  • Bonus amount — of course, a bonus amount you get is important. It is better to get $50 instead of $5 if other terms and conditions associated with the bonus are the same. That’s why we recommend that you check how much a casino will add to your gaming balance as part of no deposit bonus;
  • Restricted games — as a rule, many bonuses are intended to be used in particular games. For example, some bonus chips are not active for slot machines and can be used for bets in board games only.
  • Geographical restrictions — it sometimes happens that a casino offers a no deposit bonus to the gamblers from the USA only. To be on the safe side, it is always better to make sure that you are eligible for a bonus;
  • Expiration date — almost all casino bonuses have an expiration date, which means that a casino deactivates them. In some cases bonuses remain active for 2 months or so; however, there are also cases when bonus credits are valid for a couple of hours;
  • Gameplay limitations — the popular majority of online casinos do not allow players to use any deposit bonuses for a real-money game. Of course, there are some exceptions, so check it yourself;
  • Wagering requirements — in case a casino unlocks a real-money game and you manage to win a jackpot with bonus money, then you need to be able to cash out your winnings. This is where wagering requirements matter; they explain how much you need to deposit to have your winning withdrawn.

As you can see, a no deposit bonus is a good thing, but only if you know everything about it. Therefore, always check the terms and conditions associated with a bonus offer. Only in this case, you will know how to use a bonus at maximum and whether it is worth claiming at all.

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