2016 Presidential Race

What I Saw At Rand Paul’s Announcement: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly [PODCAST]

Senator Rand Paul‘s long awaited announcement was greeted with high hopes that real change might come to America. Supporters of the presidential candidate gathered in Louisville, Kentucky to begin a long, slow march towards bringing more free market ideas to America. Libertarians and Tea Party types have pinned their aspirations on a man whose record defending liberty is nearly spotless, but nevertheless spots were there.

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Today’s episode of the Freedom Report podcast breaks down Rand Paul’s chances to win the presidency. The Washington Post’s Chris Cilliza thinks Rand Paul can win, and so does Carl Cameron of Fox News. But can he win if libertarian insurgents in the GOP proceed with the strategy of “Rand Paul or None At All”? Or do freedom fighters need to change their tactics and be more discreet if they want to win the nomination? Our podcast today interviews a group of hopeful young liberty lovers to discuss their thoughts on the best way to advance our ideas while working to destroy the machine… from inside the machine.

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