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What are the Best Makeup Ideas for Amber Eyes In 2019?

The amber eyes also called wolf eyes are a rare type of eyes in humans. People with this type of eyes are considered very lucky and beautiful. This type of eyes is usually passed from one generation to another, and if you have them, it means your ancestors had amber eyes.

However, this coppery-yellow colour is excellently highlighted with specific makeup tips to bring out their natural beauty. To make it more pronounced, and make this unique eye colour pop, there are particular shades that you should concentrate on. Since it is hard to get true amber colour, which naturally is a golden-yellow, in most cases, pale brown eyes with a tinge of green are the ones considered amber eyes. This article shows you the best green eye makeup tips that make this rare eye type appear attractive and stunning. Continue reading to learn more.

  1. Consider Plums and Purples.

Plum and purple shades appear great on amber eyes. Because they exist on the opposite sides of the colour spectrum, these shades are the best makeup for this rare eye colour. Violet purple, burgundy purple, and bright purple accentuate coppery tinge in amber eyes and highlights the eyes beautifully.

And if you are planning for a night out date, consider plum and purple smokey eyes. However, for a regular day look, glittering pinkish-purple tone on your lids, and deep purple eyeshadow on the creases will make you the centre of attention. Complement this eye makeup with light pink on your lips for a killer look.

  1. Copper and Bronze Eyeshadows.

The green flecks in your amber eyes are what makes it unique, and you should ensure that the makeup you choose brings it out excellently. You can achieve this by highlighting it with deep bronze, copper and gold eyeshadow. Rather than opting for black smokey eyes, which may appear dull on your amber eyes, go for bronze and metallic smokey eyes. Incorporate a layering of light brown eyeshadow on your eyelids. For the crease, consider darker brown and also use it for the outer corner. Make sure the eyeshadows blend well to give you a perfect look.

  1. Gray And Earthly Greens.

Bronze and earthly greens complement each other so well on amber eyes. For the green makeup, come up with a base of golden cream by use of cream eyeshadow such as Maybelline gold shade cream eyeshadow all over the eyelids and apply some on the creases. On your lids, use green eyeshadow. For inner corners, utilise highlighter. Utilise deep copper colour to extend the shadowing upwards and make the crease dark.

A gray-brown eyeshadow would appear attractive on amber eyes. For a sexy look, complement them with burgundy and deep browns to come up with s smouldering appeal.

  1. Best Eyeliner Hues.

To come up with depth in your amber eyes and give them a definition, you should use an eyeliner. Rather than utilising a dull shade such as black, opt for deep brown eyeliner to create a more natural appearance. For a more dramatic appeal, choose dark purple, dark forest green or navy-blue pencil to draw your eyes. You can use the eyeliner on its own, or utilise it after the eyeshadow.

  1. Mascara Shades.

Though eyeliners and eyeshadows work great for your amber eyes, you cannot underestimate the impact of mascara. The mascara enhances eye lashes and also makes your eyes pop, which is what you want. Apart from dark brown and black mascara, you can opt for the other shades such as burgundy, purple and green which are ridiculously flattery.

If you want natural eye makeup, then we recommend that you go for the bright lips and complement them with raspberry or coral red. Bolder eye makeup should be supplemented with sleek, peachy pink lips. Alongside the eye colour, you should also think about the skin colour and the hair type when selecting the best eye makeup for your gorgeous amber eyes.