How PE looks like during Home Education

Unlike traditional education system, some people opt for Home Schooling or Home Education. Parents, tutors or online instructors provide education to the child at home rather than go to a school. Home education can be done due to various other reasons like making sure that a disabled child gets premium education, a child who just relocated to another city or country with his family can get home education, a global/local pandemic leading everyone to stay home so a child can get home education till the situation gets normal.

In a regular school, a lot of emphasis is put on P.E or the Physical Education. There are proper time slots in a daily school schedule of children to practice physical wellbeing by playing games, sports and other sorts. While the majority of the people consider Physical Education or gym time to be just some exercise and active ideas, the physical education is more than that. A good P.E includes exercise, activities, teaching kids tips, and tricks of taking care of their body physically. This can also involve various lessons and activities to gain students’ attention to put emphasis on the importance of nutrition and other food items that are healthy for our bodies. Kids are also taught to prepare the basic but nutritiously healthy meals for themselves, so they can make this an important part of their lives and don’t have to depend on others.

Now, since home schooling does not provide a PE period, how can your child have a physical education while home schooling? Since it is an important thing, one can’t simply ignore the importance of physical health.  There are multiple ways of providing homeschool PE:

  1. PE through book

First and foremost, make it your child’s habit to read books. It speeds up the mental growth and a child stays active in adapting to new behaviors and knowledge. It won’t be tough to give your child books that teach healthy habits.  Also, it is educational and increases interest in PE.

If you are looking for some books for the reference, here are a few:

-The Busy Body Book by Lizzy Rockwell

-The Berenstain Bears and too Much Junk Food by Stan and Jan Berenstain

-I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child

  1. PE through games played in the backyard, neighborhood or a garden

Physical Education can be as easy as it sounds, if you notice. There is no requirement to send your child to take extra classes for PE. It can be done in your backyard, neighborhood or nearby garden. There are plenty of games and activities that a child can do alone, with friends or even with parents in that regard.

People spend a little on their backyard for their children, so they can play games like volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, etc. The most played game for PE has been basketball. If you are willing to spend for your child, you can spend on buying the necessary items needed for setting up a basketball game in your backyard. Along with that, you can arrange a tutor for your child who can teach him the sport, and also take care of all sorts of physical education. If not, free basketball videos are available on YouTube and other platforms where a child can watch and learn by himself. Even if this doesn’t suit you as it might exceed child’s screen time, you can always find basketball essays for free to read and learn from them so, you can further teach the child. Professional essays on basketball are pretty easily available online with all the relevant details that you need as an example. More sports-related and other basketball research topics must be considered as well since you never know what suits your child best at home, cutting the cost.

Other activities in the garden can be swings, slides, trampolines, swimming in a home pool, etc. Physical Education is majorly done for homeschoolers but it’s never harmful for the parents to join.

  1. Activities at Recreational Facilities

If none of the above turns out to be your choice for your child’s homeschool physical education then depending on the recreational facilities is always a great idea. There are multiple private facilities that offer various sports programs that are open to all children. Such facilities offer memberships or entrance fee for using their equipment.

The facilities here can be:

-Bowling alleys

-Tennis clubs

-Horseback riding stables

-High ropes courses

-Roller skating

-Golf courses

-Yoga and meditation studios

-Gymnastics schools

-Rock climbing

-Ballet dancing courses

Teaching your children the importance of physical education at an early age turns out to be beneficial for their whole lives. Also, not in every country, but in most countries, homeschool gym is required field for an approved homeschool curriculum.


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