Crisis management in digital agencies during a pandemic outbreak

Although no one was ready for this, enterprises are trying to adapt quickly. Like all businesses, digital marketing agencies have their share in the pandemic.

Although such agencies and SaaS software are not a traditional sector, they also had to change their methods of work, as they have clients from various industries.

In these conditions, crisis management is an important topic. We’ve put together the basics of crisis management for digital marketers in the wake of this pandemic.

Think long term and invest in SEO

Even though the usual business models are now suspended, one should adhere to the fact that this sad situation is temporary.

Now, perhaps, some short-term measures are urgently needed to save this day, and it is vital to think about the long term. You should not neglect to focus on your long-term goals.

One of your long-term goals is probably to increase your visibility on the Internet, primarily by improving your ranking on Google. SEO is critical to turning your traffic into sales. Investing in SEO also contributes to increased sales, branding, and reputation management in e-commerce.

SEO is a highly competitive area of ​​interest to businesses.

Keep in mind that SEO is inherently a long-term process because it requires planning, execution, testing, measuring, performing an SEO audit, and analyzing the results.

To stand out from the crowd both during and after the crisis, do not weaken your work on SEO.

This period of moderation can be seen as an opportunity to review your long-term actions. Think about your SEO investments, budget allocation, and your agency’s strengths and weaknesses.

What you do now will pay off in the future. You can take advantage of one of the best SEO monitoring tools.

Check the activity of your competitors in social networks

When everyone stays at home and works remotely, life seems to go slowly. However, you still have competitors who are trying to analyze the new situation and discover potential opportunities like yourself.

If you closely monitor the activities of your competitors, then it will be advantageous for you to think over your strategies.

Social networks were already competitive. However, they gained even more influence, while everyday life is suspended almost everywhere.

Like people, businesses and brands also express themselves in social networks. They create content to attract attention and raise awareness.

To keep your digital agency ahead of the competition, do not neglect the verification of the activities of competitors in social networks. This will help you spot potential threats and come up with new strategies.

You already have an idea of ​​which companies you compete with. Thus, you can pay attention to them and check what they share in these difficult times.

Pausing your activities on social networks for crisis management can also be a solution to the problem. It’s all about your industry. You must check your competitors to make a decision too.

Keyword analysis is a common competition analysis strategy for many businesses. In connection with the current situation, some changes may be made to the keywords that are most important for your sector. You can use various tools to analyze competitor websites.

Remote Crisis Management

If you want to stop the wave of public health crisis, telecommuting will be an inevitable consequence of current business practices.

Now many companies had to turn to telecommuting, which has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some tips to make remote work more efficient for both your employees and your business.

The workspace is extremely important. Even if members of your team do not leave their homes for work, they must organize a workspace that should be a separate place. Creating a workspace will help employees switch to work, despite the fact that they are at home.

To ease the work of their team, the digital agency knows what online resources you can rely on. In addition to a sufficient Internet connection, you can pay attention to technological needs, such as noise-canceling headphones, wireless keyboards, and mice, or a second screen for greater efficiency.

It is difficult to catch a working team spirit when working remotely; therefore, communication becomes key. Since colleagues are not within the reach of each other, it is the team’s responsibility to plan meetings to discuss goals, upcoming projects, and daily tasks.

To ensure collaboration, you must use remote work tools.

Create relevant content

Relevance is a feature that every business should possess. Especially during this hot global agenda, you have no way to ignore society’s priorities.

 Therefore, you need to provide timely, useful content. Acting as if everything is smooth, you can annoy people who are concerned about the situation.

You probably already had an audience before the coronavirus pandemic. Now that your audience is self-isolating, your subscribers have more time to carefully review your content. Creating valuable content will help you attract an audience. It will also help you get more readers, as people have turned their attention to social media.

It is very important to understand your audience, engage in foresight and prepare well for the creation of timely and valuable content. You should often read news and updates.

However, it should be remembered that during such crises information garbage comes to the fore. It is incredibly important to avoid it.

Content marketers write for a specific purpose. Feel free to spend time creating content that helps you engage your readers. Work hard to create relevant content and share positives.

Show people that you are responding to the needs of the day – this is one of the best crisis management strategies for a digital agency.

Risks and Opportunities

The pandemic outbreak is temporary. However, he has not yet shown his full effect. Economic consequences can persist to a certain extent.

Therefore, like all companies, digital marketing agencies need to be aware of potential future risks and opportunities. It is very important to prepare for the near future in order to feel less about this disease.

If the economic effect persists for a longer time, your digital agency should be prepared for possible conditions of cost reduction. This will require a more thorough study of your cost structure.

Now that you have time for this, before things go wrong, it’s best to do an analysis. Moreover, if you have tools that are not used efficiently, it is better to abandon them or replace them with more effective ones.

Nearly all industries can be affected by the economic impact of coronavirus. However, this risk is unevenly distributed between sectors.

While industries such as tourism and aviation are more prone to decline, industries that are more likely to have an online organization (such as e-commerce, online services) will recover quickly.

You must keep track of how this affects different industries and sectors. Since digital marketing is a flexible sector that works with various industries, you can take advantage of new opportunities, even if you lose some customers.

For example, the sectors related to health, medicine, and biology seem to take a stronger place in tomorrow’s business world. You can keep them insightful, as they may be your future customers.

Communicate more with your customers

During this pandemic outbreak, everyone naturally worries about themselves and their loved ones. However, their concern is probably not limited to health problems.

People are also preoccupied with their daily lives and their work habits.

Your customers are no exception. You must have strong relationships with your clients to deal with this uncertainty, and you must help them in their crisis management strategies.

Communicating with your customers is much more beneficial in creating a stronger bond with them. Even if you must stay away from them, you do not need to move further away.

Now everyone needs more communication. By communicating more with your customers, you can help them feel closer to you.

A coronavirus outbreak is an opportunity to show how much you value your clients.

You must demonstrate that you take care of them in difficult times. You must not allow your customers to doubt your responsibility to them. They need to know what precautions you take to deal with the situation with the least possible damage. Your customers may be worried about their business. You must prove your confidence when it comes to your responsibilities towards your customers.

Show them that you are still working hard to provide them with valuable services. Your customers will appreciate your efforts and reciprocate as soon as the situation improves.


Our globe is going through a difficult period. But it is essential to maintain your motivation at a high level. Everyone should do it.

Everything will return to their places, and enterprises that fight hard during this outbreak will eventually flourish.

Hard times require hard work. We shared some tips that are necessary to solve this unexpected situation.

If your digital marketing agency develops the right crisis management plan, it will be able to secure its market position today and tomorrow.


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