Scent is Important In A Garden: The Most Fragrant Flowers You Can Grow

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There are plenty of things you’re going to want to consider before you could even start planting flowers for your garden. There are things like the foliage that would compliment the blooming flowers or the flower variant and what color would show up when the flower starts to bloom. Not to mention how you’re going to need to consider the different environments and conditions you need to grow those flowers.

However, in this article, we’re going to be more focused on the more prominent flowers when it comes to their fragrances. Apart from how pretty a flower can look, most of the population will probably bring the flower up to their noses, meaning flowers also have another great use other than just sitting pretty in your garden! 

So which of the many scented flowers should you be choosing to grow in your garden! Are you looking for a sweeter aroma? Maybe a softer, more subtle one? Perhaps a strong scent, one with the straight-to-the-nose kind of kick? Let’s get down to it, so you can find out which of the fragrant flowers you can grow in your gardens!

Growing Scented Geraniums

If you’re looking for a flower that can satisfy three of the senses all at once, then scented geranium is a great choice for your garden! They smell lovely, they taste real tasty, and they’re charming to look at! The bright green foliage allows the bright flower with dark red spots splotched all toward the center to stand out even more! 

This evergreen plant’s many cultivars(varieties) require the same weather conditions: slightly dry, sunny, and warm. However, it is pretty picky when it comes to the soil that it grows on. You’re going to want to grow the scented geranium in mildly acidic soil that has a pH of 5.8 to 6.5. Though the type of soil that they’re planted in doesn’t matter. So this should go without saying, moist but well-draining soil and full sun.

Growing Roses

This is a timeless classic when it comes to having elegant beauty and a lovable fragrance. This mainly-red flower tends to be used in rosewater or even as decorations for a wonderful soak in the bathtub. Not to mention the essential oil! Though hearing or reading the fact that it might be challenging to grow roses due to the diseases it can get, it wouldn’t hurt to try to have at least a go at growing this garden essential.

Don’t worry; there are plenty of other gardeners and floral enthusiasts that have come across the many trials that roses give. They’ve each given their insight on how to deal with, prevent from happening, and how to save the rest of your garden if a rose bush does happen to get a disease. Like any of the other flowers in this list, you’re going to need moist, well-drained soil and a spot in your garden that has the full sun! 

Growing Lavenders

This flower probably has the most distinguishable fragrance among all of the flowers on this list! Not to mention how the pay-off for this flower is so much bigger than the effort that you would have to put into growing it! It’s a relatively low-maintenance flower that has long-lasting flowers that you can just put in a vase right by your bed! 

Since the lavender has Mediterranean origins, this flower does seem to love the scorching sun and bone-dry soil! From that sentence alone, you can decipher that this flower is rather doubt-resistant, so you’re only going to need a few waterings until it’s fully bloomed. Meaning you’re going to have to plant and grow this flower during the hottest season of the year, summer!

Growing Freesias

This lovely tubular flower is what you’re going to want in your garden if you’re the type of person who favors the sweeter fragrances over the others. Its scent seems to be more mellow compared to the other flowers on this list, but it’s still a great addition to your garden to let you know that the spring season has settled in! 

This flower does its best during the wintertime, so you’re going to want to plant it from around August to October if you want to have blooms that would last until January to April! You’ll be getting a range of colors from blue and lavender to orange and red to just white! Any soil will do, but you could add sand to the soil to improve drainage. For the sunlight, you’re going to want to pick a sunny spot that doesn’t feel too hot!


It’s all up to you; you’re going to need to decide on what scent you’re chasing after. Some flowers can cover all of the fragrances that you would think of! There are different scents, from sweet ones to deep, intoxicating ones! Remember that you’re going to want to stop and just smell the flowers in your garden even though your eyes may be already full from the visual feast! 

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