How to move from online dating to face-to-face meetings

According to recent data, about 17% of all marriages in today’s world begin with dating on the Internet — on dating sites, social networks, instant messengers, and so on. Although this is not a huge percentage, it’s quite enough to show that the Internet has become an important part of the social life of modern people.

It would seem that the main task of a dating site is to quickly transfer user communication from online to offline. But in reality this is not so. The vast majority of dating services have completely different goals — to make money. It is beneficial for them that you stay on the site as long as possible, and pay for premium access and additional features. Therefore, hoping that you will quickly meet your soulmate on Tinder or Badoo is optimistic.

There is another important point here: men and women on dating sites behave very differently. Men like about 62% of women. And women — only 6% of men. This complicates dating in the current reality. In addition, sociological surveys show that the majority of users on dating sites choose people who are 25% more attractive than themselves in all respects. Excessive requests also do not contribute to the transfer of communication from online to offline and the beginning of lasting relationships.

But if Tinder, Badoo, and their rivals aren’t so effective, is there any point in using dating sites at all? Of course there is! The main thing is to choose the right site.

The best dating apps for those who want to quickly move from online to offline

There are more than 8,000 dating sites and applications online now. Fortunately, not all of them have the goal of keeping you on the site as long as possible. Some are really aimed at making sure you can quickly find a match and move the relationship from online to offline. They are few, but they exist. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones:

  • Thursday — an interesting dating app that works only on Thursdays and wants to find a date for you. The rest of the week it doesn’t work. Thursday is designed to save you time and not turn the search for a match into a routine.
  • Happn — an interesting app that relies heavily on location. When another Happn member is near you, the app will notify you and offer you the chance to chat and meet in just a couple of minutes. It’s a really interesting approach — perhaps your true love passes by your house every day, and you don’t even notice it.
  • Badoo — a classic dating app in most ways, but recently, an Intention function appeared on it. You can immediately indicate whether you want to go on an offline date, whether you are ready for a serious relationship, or just want to chat without any special prospects. This is really good at helping users better understand each other’s goals, and not waste time on those who are not ready for serious dating.
  • Coffee Meets Bagel — an app that lets you meet only a limited number of new users every day. Thus online dating does not turn into a routine, and users approach each potential acquaintance with great interest. In 2020, the site introduced a speed dating format, in which you can have several mini-dates in a short time.
  • Fourplay Social — an app for double dates. You can get acquainted and hold meetings not one to one, but in pairs. For many people, it is much easier to loosen up, keep up a conversation and feel more comfortable. At the moment, the Fourplay Social app is only available for iOS devices and only works in certain countries and cities. But its range is gradually expanding. Stay tuned for updates.

Despite the fact that the listed sites and applications speed up the process of dating and transferring communication offline, they still take a lot of time. If you do not have time to register, fill out a profile, lengthy textings, etc, there’s a good alternative — webcam chat.

Cam chat is based on a website or application that connects random people via video call. Just a couple of clicks and you’re already talking with a new person.

Among the most popular cam chat sites are the following:

  • OmeTV — a simple video cam chat with gender and geographic filters, as well as a built-in message translator. A good option for meeting foreign users if you do not know the language, but want to expand your social circle.
  • Omegle — the first random cam chat in history, operating since 2009. The site offers a search for people by interest, as well as a choice of language. The rest of the site is quite primitive. Omegle doesn’t even have mobile apps.
  • CooMeet — a unique webcam chat that can only connect men with girls. In addition, the girls themselves must verify their identities. There are no fakes and bots on CooMeet, which makes the site even more interesting for users. You can learn more on
  • Chatrandom — live cam chat, the main feature of which is the presence of themed chat rooms. You choose a topic that interests you, enter the “room” and communicate with a group of like-minded people.

The benefits of cam to cam chats for the user are obvious:

  1. Video communication helps people get to know each other better and make a decision to meet in person faster.
  2. Most video chats are either completely free or give you a free trial. They do not try to extort as much money as possible from their users.
  3. There are fewer online scammers in video chats, because fraudulent schemes work poorly here. And fooling people by communicating face-to-face via video is much more difficult.

Plus, after meeting in cam chat, it’s always easier to switch to live communication — you already know what a person looks like, how they communicate, and whether it’s enjoyable for you to spend time together. Text messaging on dating sites never gives the same understanding of who is in front of you and whether there is any point in continuing to communicate with this person.

Of course, if we directly compare dating sites and webcam chats, we will find advantages and disadvantages in both formats. But if your goal is to quickly translate online dating into the real world, then cam chat is a better choice.

Find a dating format that suits you

Finally, we want to say one thing. It doesn’t matter which dating platform you use. Sometimes it is much more important how you communicate with the other person, and how quickly you find a common language with new people. There are occasions where people get to know each other on a social network or a regular chat, and the very next day they go on a first date. Others, on the contrary, communicate for months on a dating site and still cannot take the next step. Everything is individual and depends on the person.

If you see that using a dating site does not give any results, try changing the communication format and switch to random cam chat. Perhaps this sort of reboot will help you find your love and meet in real life as soon as possible.

We wish you good luck, interesting encounters and only pleasant interactions!

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