Ways to Shortlist Moving Company Candidates

Moving to a new house and changing addresses is one of the most challenging tasks in the life of an adult. Of course, there’s the house-hunting part, packing stuff and labeling boxes, and the most strenuous part, transporting boxes and heavy appliances from your old place to the new one. It’s not an easy process that you can do in a snap, but if you find a mover that you can trust to get your things safely from one point to another, that’s one less problem that you have to think of. There are plenty of people who can help you find great real estate too, like Janice McElroy agent.

There’s an endless list of recommended New Jersey movers that you can find on the web. Even with the options available, you need to do your part of researching thoroughly to make an informed decision of who to hire for the job. Below are some points to take note of when it comes to choosing the right mover for you.

  1. Look for their license

The business license is one of the first things that you need to look at when searching for a mover. It will also help you narrow down your options, making it an easier decision to make. This will also prevent booking with fake agencies or unlicensed businesses, which will probably have no insurance to cover damages or losses in case anything happens during transit.

  1. Years in business matters

Just like wine and cheese, the age of the mover’s business matters. Doing their job for years will ensure you that they’ve spent their time mastering the art of moving. Plus, you can be sure that they’re good at it because they wouldn’t last that long in the business if their customers aren’t satisfied with their service.

  1. Do they have affiliations?

There are certain standards that moving companies need to meet to be certified or affiliated. If they’re associated with the International Association of Movers and FIDI, you can feel secure knowing your stuff is in good hands and will get to its destination safely and without damage.

  1. Good reviews

Customer reviews are another basis that you can use to determine whether or not the moving company is the best option for you. They can be easily found on Google, their website and social media pages, and even on forums, and will give you a better idea of how capable they are of doing the work you need to be done.

  1. Get a quote

Once you manage to shortlist the candidates you know you can trust, ring them or drop an email to ask for a quote. Some of them will prefer to have a look at your place to know how much work needs to be done, while some will charge you on an hourly basis and work it out from there. By doing this, you can then further reduce the options to two or three movers, which makes the decision-making process a whole lot easier.

Moving houses is a tiring experience, but if you can find someone who can do the packing and the moving for you, the process will be faster and easier.



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